Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yes, I am totally obsessed with Twilight, and yes, I went to the MIdnight showing. It was so worth it though! There was a group of us that went. We first went to PF Changs for dinner. We had the ever-so-yummy Great Wall of Chocolate Cake for dessert. Y-U-M!!! We then went to the theater and the lines were crazy! We thought we would have to wait outside in the lines, but didn't know which one. So we asked one of the employees walking around and he said that they already seated our theater and that it was filling. So we ran inside, and were glad we didn't have to wait outside! We got into the theater and it was nearly full! We got the second row from the front. It wasn't too bad though. Better view of Edward! :) We sat in the theater for about 1 1/2 hours for the movie to start. We visited and just hung out. It was so good to have a girls night out, I really needed one! I can't wait for New Moon.
While I liked to movie, I was a little dissappointed how much they left out and all the inconsistencies. And, I just want to five ashout out to Edward. I was really dissappointed with who they chose for Edward at first. I made myself have an open mind, and was more than pleasantly surprised! He was actually H-O-T!!! Jasper, on the other hand, was N-O-T!!! Poor guy looked constipated and high the entire time. Rosalie was not as beautiful and she should have been and Esme was kinda plain, but still pretty. Alice was fine, Emmitt was HOT too, and Carlise was hot, but kinda pale at first. My overall impression...4 start out of 5. I would have given it a 5, but they left out too much, and there were too many inconsistencies. Plus, Edward had pit sweat rings in one shot! What?!? Yes, I am not kidding. It is in the lunch room and he is tlaking to Bella. He raises his arm and there it is...and the way he acted when she walked into the classroom for the first time. The acting at the beginning was kinda cheesy, but got better throughout. Like I said, can't wait for the rest!!! Hurry up, New Moon, I need my fix! I guess Twilight will come out on DVD before that, so I'll be able to watch it again, and again, and again...well, you get my point. I do plan on seeing it again at least one more time in the theaters. I am going to take JD. We was kinda mad he didn't get to go, but he graciously watched the kids while I went. THANKS HONEY!

Tina, me, Cindy (my mom), Terry (Kristi's friend), and Kristi at PF Changs. MMMMM!

Sara (Katrina's friend), Tina, me, Katrina (my sister), Terry, Kristi, and Cindy all waiting (some of us more anxiously) at the theater.

Tina and me passing time...making faces. Love ya T!

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Hopefam said...

I had a blast can't wait for more!! You are the best, I love ya!!

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