Monday, September 29, 2008

Smoothies with Thurl Bailey

I am a smoothie junkie! I go to Roxberry Smoothies about 4 - 5 times a week. So this Saturday while running errands, and before I decided to tackle Costco, I wanted a smoothie. So my mom and I went into Roxberry and there sat Thurl Bailey.
I am sure I had a look on my face that said, "OMG! I totally know who you are!" But I politely said "HI." He said hi back and I ordered my smoothie. As we waited it was hard to not just sit and stare He was there with his wife and three kids. It was really cool to see him interact like he is just a regular person. I so badly wanted to ask for his autograph, or even a pic with him, but I am sure he just wants to hang out like a regular person. So, instead I just took in his star status from a table next to him and tried not to stare. It was really cool, though.

This is not the first time I have run into him. Last year he was at the UPS store on Main Street here in Lehi. I went into make some copies and there he was. Tylar thought it was really cool. He recognised him from the Jazz games immediately. Unforutantely, Braydon was having one of his pre-teen tantrums and didn't want to come in, so he was sitting in tha car and missed seeing him in person. He saw him only for a brief second as he got into his truck. So, we have a celebrity living among us. Actually, I know he lives in Alpine, but its cool to see him around! So, next time you're out and around, look for your local celebrity!

If you don't know who Thurl Bailey is, he is a retired NBA player that played with the Utah Jazz for many years. He now does the commentory for the games.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Does anyone know how to make your blog the full width across the screen instead of just in the middle. Let me know. THX!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The State Fair

This is the second time attempting to post this. The first time I had it completey done, all I had to do was push post and I took a bathroom break. Braydon came in to play computer and closed the window, and erased everything. So I'm trying it again...
I decided that since I have lived in Utah for over 22 years, and have never been to the Utah State Fair, that it was time that I took the kids and went. So JD and I, along with my sister Katrina and my kids took a trip up to it. It was amazing. Not because of all the stuff there, but becuase you realize it takes all kinds to make the earth turn. We started out by checking out the animals. They had a little pony ride for the kids. Ty really wanted to ride (Braydon was too cool for the little horses) so we let her go. She got the horse named Stormy. She looked like she was having fun. Although, when the ride was done, she said that "Nana's and Papa's horses were much more fun. They went faster and they could go different places." These horses wer attached to a harness that took them aroudn in a circle.
Next we went to look at the livestock. That was so fun! It is amazing how well some of these animals are taken care of. They were bathing the cows and had fans on them keeping them cool. They brushed the goats teeth, we got to see them sheer a sheep. We also get to pet the animals. Most of them are fairly tame. They walk up to the fence and let you pet them. We also got to pet pigs, and they feel funny. They are kind of bristly. I thought they would be soft, but they're not! We went through the horse stables and got to see them too.
The next best part about the fair is the FOOD! YUM! We started out the day with foot long corn dogs and ended with deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Now, if you go to the fair for only one reason, it should be the food! Fried PB&J were delicious. They also have fried snickers and oreos, but by the time we all shared the pizza and pb&js and fries and chicken and funnel cakes, we were stuffed! We all rode some rides and them played some games. Braydon, JD and Katrina all won a great big ball. It stood at tall and Tylar! Tylar played darts and won a couple of prizes. We headed home with full tummy's and arms full of prizes. It was a great day! We will definitetly go back next year!

Ty riding a horse, Stormy.

This is the biggest cow ever! The picture does not do it justice. I now that cow in the background looks like a calf, but its not. Its about the size of the steers that they steer wrestle. This cow stood taller than me! It had to have been over 6 feet tall. HOLY COW!
Ty on the bouncing tramp. She loves to jump and she also does flips.

Braydon petting a goat. They were so friendly.

TY and Bray by one of the goats.

Ty petting a goat.

JD, Braydon, Ty and Katrina all petting a horse.

Ty getting ready to ride one of the rides. It is like the Rocket at Lagoon, except it only drops you once, and it drops you faster than the Rocket. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face right as she came down. It was priceless! I don't think she was expecting it to do what it did, even though we watched it a few times before she went on. She is my daredevil, though, and loved it!

Braydon on bumper cars.

JD on bumper cars.

Katrina and Tylar on bumper cars.

Ambrosia...Deep fried PB&J! YUM!!! You have got to try one! Next year, I'm trying the snickers and oreos too! Fair food is the best!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just finished listened to the new album from NKOTB (New Kids ON The Block) and I would have to say that I actually liked it! I know what you're thinking...that was so 15 years ago, but hey, their sound is different and more grown up. The album is a 4 star out of 5 star! Check it out, you just might like it too.

Monday, September 1, 2008

IS anyone else irritated?!?

I am so mad right now about the whole Midnight Sun (MS) thing! If you don't know what's going on with it, here is a run down...
Basically Stephenie gave out a few rough copies of MS. Then "accidentally" one was leaked. DUH! If you give someone not authorised to handle the sopies, what did you think was gong to happen? SO now, she's got her feelings hurt and says she's postponing finishing MS "Indefinitely". WHAT?!? What is that supposed to mean!?! I think she is just being immature and selfish. If JK Rowling stopped writing Harry Potter everytime it was leaked or something, then the series would have never made it past the second book. For heaven's sake...someone tried to finish the Potter series for JK Rowling. That didn't stop her.
I understand if Stephenie wants to take a break from writing, that's fine. But don't say that you are so hurt about it. Its what happens, so get over it! I am afraid she might lose some fans over this. And its not like it's going to be that hard to write. We already know how Twilight ends...I mean come on!
Well, I wasn't going to read it when I found out about the leak, but now that she is having a tizzy, I think I will find it on the internet and read there!!!

Some tunes