Monday, April 21, 2008


Well, I posted the video, but I decided to write a little about my trip.
We first left the house early in the morning. We had to be to the airport at 5:45 a.m. We made it just fine. We took off from SLC and had a lay-over in Denver. From there we had to hurry to catch our next flight, to New Orleans (N.O.) It was quite a run, but we made it! Our flight was a little bumpy, but nothing really to worry about. I got a little air sick, but nothing terrible. When we got there we walked down to the luggage area with a few other people that were on our flight, and the worst thing that could happen in an airport did...OUR LUGGAGE WAS LOST! Yep, that's right. There we were, in the middle of a strange place, with NOTHING but our carry-ons! The airline (United) eventually found our luggage, and it didn't transfer planes when we did. So it kept on going to who-knows-where! The told us that it would be to the airport by 5 p.m. and that they would bring it over and we would have it by 6 p.m. We got on the bus, trusting that this is what really would happen, and went to our hotel. We checked in, and without being able to change our clothes, went to the welcome dinner they had set up for us. We met a few new people from Colorado, but eventually hooked up with a few people from the Service Dept., Dan and his wife Greta, and Chris. This ended being a fateful meeting. We pretty much hung out with these guys for the whole trip! It was great though. I didn't really feel uncomfortable around any of them, and I made a new friend, so that was good.
We checked the front desk for our luggage around 7 p.m....still no luggage. We then called the airline and tried to get info about where our bags might be. They said our bags had not come in yet and it could be as late as 2 in the morning! I was soooo mad! So we just hung out, the five of us, and waited it out. We visited and decided to take a walk around to just look. WOW! What a different world! (I'll get more of that later...) We came back to the hotel around 10 p.m., went up to our room and called the airline AGAIN. They said they could not track where the luggage was at that point. We went down to the lobby...and THERE IT WAS! Our luggage had arrived. Talk about being in a panic. So we finally were able to shower and then go to bed.
The next morning we had a walking trip around the French Quarters. It was so amazing to hear the history behind the city! We saw so may cool things, like a house that was build for Napoleon, but her never made it there to live there. A beautiful cathedral that dates back into the 1800's a d so much more. The iron work there is amazing! We then had a luncheon and went back to the hotel. We decided to go walk Bourbon Street and the shopping district and see the sights. You really can't imagine what it is like until you go there. People lying in alley's sleeping, drunks everywhere, you find yourself holding on just a little tighter to your purse. It is a very crazy atmosphere. They really never close. The bars on that street are open 24 hours. That night we just hung out and explored the city. We did some shopping and just hung out.
The next day we had a tour of the site where they store and manufacture Mardi Gras floats. It was really cool to see how they use many of the same floats, just repaint them and add different accessories to it. We even got to try on a few traditional costumes worn in a Mardi Gras parade. From there we went back to the hotel. We (the group) decided to go to the open air French Market and walk around. We also went to the mall and looked for stuff for the families. That night we had dinner at the Hard Rock New Orleans. We then went to Harrah's casino and played a little Black jack and Three card poker. We stayed out only until about midnight. We had to catch our flight home the next morning.
On our flight from N.O. to Denver I got really sick. I lost feeling in my arms and feet. I got really nauseous and almost passed out a few times. I was so shaky that I could hardly walk after our plane landed. I am not sure why I got sick, but all I know is that I was bad! Luckily, I though ahead of time and brought phenerghan and took one as we waited for our connecting flight in Denver. I did much better on the next flight, but I was certainly glad to be on the ground in SLC. We stopped for a bite to eat on our way and once we made it down to my mom's to pick up the kids, we were greeted with big hugs and kisses! We handed out our gifts and then got the kids and drove home. There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed.
Vacations are fun, but nothing beats coming home to family!
Would I visit N.O. again??? Definitely! I might even take the kids to see a few of the parades. (Which, by the way, the parades are totally G-rated. It is only on Bourbon St. that anything "questionable" happens.)

I'm BACK...

Did ya miss me? I missed you, and dance, but especially my kids! I hope they are glad to have me back as much as I am glad to be back. Here is a little slide show of my trip. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Going on a trip!

I am sooo excited that I am finally getting away! I totally need a break! My husband won a trip through his work and they are taking us to New Orleans. When I first heard that it was there, I was really disappointed. I mean, I have heard in the past years they have gone to Cabo, Hawaii, Jamaica, places like that. But then I just got excited about going somewhere. That's where I am now. I know I can't change it, so I might as well make the best of it.
I did joke with my husband if it was a B.Y.O.B. trip...meaning did me need to "Bring Our Own Boat"? He got a good kick out of that one! LOL Anyway, we will be gone from Thursday morning to Sunday night. We were also told to go check out the aquarium, to that I replied, "Don't we just have to look out our hotel room to the streets below? Isn't the whole thing an aquarium now?" My family had a good laugh over that one too. (Man, sometimes I just crack myself up!) Anyway, I will post some pics when I get home. I hope all is well here. My totally AWESOME mom is taking the kids for the trip. I am also soooo very thankful for her! She is truly my hero and bestest friend!
I have also had a nice break from dance, but it will be really nice to get back to it! We will have some serious work to do when we get back to dancing.
Braydon's birthday was Sunday. WOW! I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old! It is crazy to think about. He is such a good kid...most of the time! We had a friend party at Jump On It. That was a blast! They boys had so much fun. The cake (which was an ice cream cake from Maggie Moo's) got stuck in the fridge instead of the freezer, and so by the time it was cake and ice cream time, it was more like cream cake than ice cream cake. It was still good though. The kids were dead by the time we got home. JD most likely broke his pinky toe jumping. His foot is black and blue. I swear that guy is more accident prone than the other three of us put together. I should just put him in a bubble! lol Anyway, I'll let you know how our trip goes...YEAH!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tylar's solo

Tylar did her first solo this year. For those of you who don't know what a sol is, it is a dance you do ALL BY YOURSELF! She did so great! I am so proud of her! She ended up taking second attendant, which was third place, out of four! We got some good critiques so we know what to work on for the next time, which is May 2nd in Spanish Fork.

Our second, but first full, dance competition!

It was our second dance competition yesterday. It was a BUSY day! I stayed in Clearfield the night before because Tylar had her solo. (I will post details about that next...) I knew I had to be there early, so that's why we decided to stay. Anyway, we started at 8 in the morning, and we were the first number! It is kinda intimidating being the first number, but they did great! It was my little Tiny's A. (Which, by the way, they ended up taking first!!) My Tiny's B were third. They did good also, taking third. Unfortunately, being the teacher, I don't get to take pics, and JD is videoing the dances so he can't take pics either. I hope mothers or fathers of the girls will take lots and give me copies. Anyway, all in all it was a good day. Some of our performances did not match our awards. This competition was with several BIG names in studios from SLC county. I am happy with the girls for holding their own though.
We are taking the next week off (and I NEED IT!) I am going to New Orleans with JD and then the next week we have pictures in class. Then we only have one week to get ready for our next comp, which is May 3rd in Spanish Fork. Then we have one the next weekend in Syracuse. I know the girls have such awesome potential, we just have to tap into it...
I also realized after this competition, that I need to hire more teachers. I really need to give a little more responsibility to others. I am really running myself ragged! I guess that part of me thinks that mothers will not be happy if I don't teach their daughters. I guess because they sign them up under me, I feel responsible to teach everything! I am really going to look for a great teacher this summer to help me out! I also want to start a boys' hip hop class. I think that would be sooo fun, and I have a lot of people ask about one. so I guess I'm looking for at least two teachers. One for the boys and another for a few other classes. I don't know... :(
Anyway, GREAT job ladies, I am really proud of you! I am really going to work them harder to get them ready to compete.
And you know, I really want to studio that can compete with these huge studios. I want to have try-out only competition teams that spend hours a week at the studio, but still keep the "recreational" classes for the beginners for those who want to just dance casually. I was talking to my mom on the way home, and she encouraged me to do it! I know I can, and I just have to work my way there!!! I need to start by getting out of my basement and into warehouse space. The first step in that...talking JD into it! I think he wants me to succeed, but he also sees how stressed out I get and doesn't want me to be anymore stressed than I am. But if my studio got that big (I should say "when"), then I will have LOTS more teachers, and I won't be NEARLY as stressed! I will NEVER, EVER, EVER stop teaching the adult class though! It is truly my favorite class. I love those ladies. And while I dance all day with all the classes I teach, there is nothing like being with those ladies and sharing my love for dance with them.
I also need to say a BIG thanks to Tina for being my right hand lady! Without her, I really couldn't do it! She is doing such a great job with those girls. I completely trust her! And appreciate her.
Anyway, that's pretty much that on that.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our dance competition yesterday...

So yesterday we had our first dance competition. Not all our teams came because of our costume problems, but we had a few teams go. Here are the results from yesterday...
Our Juniors (ages 10 - 13 years) competed with their jazz routine, "Bird and the Worm". There were five in their category and we took 4th place! There are a few great comments by the judges so that we can work this week to get a little better for next week. The major comment was their formations and not to watch each other.
The Mama's (adults) competed with both of our dances. We didn't have anyone else in either of our categories, and since we didn't we tried to just see how high of points we could actually get. Our jazz, "Love Stoned", took Platinum 1st place (which I think means over 285 points)! Our lyrical, "Sorta Fairytale", took Gold 1st place (which means over 280 points). I am just guessing that's what it means. I am going to email the director of the competition to find out exactly what it means though.
Our Seniors (ages 14 - 18 years) competed with their jazz routine, "Professional Widow". There were only two in their category and we took second. I think we should have taken first, but oh well. We know what to work on for next week, so hopefully we can do better! We were only behind by 3 points. So it was really close!
Our Hip Hop class (Jrs and Srs combined) competed with "The Way I Are". There were four in our category and we took FIRST! YEAH! It was sooo exciting. We were so happy and excited and everything else! We just couldn't believe it. We have worked hard and it paid off! There are a few things we need to work on for next week, but it was great!
I am so happy with how everyone did! We all worked so hard, but its not over yet. We have got to continue to work to get even better! I really hope that this Saturday we can bring home more 1sts!
Our next competition will be this Saturday, the 12th of April at 8 a.m. at Clearfield High School! WOW, its early, but we will do great! ALL teams (except Mama's) will be performing. It will be very busy, but I can't wait. This is sooo much fun! Good luck Ladies! I am so proud of you.
Love ya...

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