Sunday, November 15, 2009

My baby's 7!

My little, but not-so-little girl just turned 7! I know, that makes feel so very old, but how do you stop the aging process? I tried...all week I tried! I asked her every day to just stay 6, or even turn back to 5, but she wasn't having it. She even promised me that no matter how old she got, she would always stay my baby. We'll see how long that really lasts...
For Tylar, a birthday is not just a birthday, it was more like a birthmonth! We started the countdown around Halloween. (Yes, I know, I know, no Halloween post...I'll get to that later! One thing at a time.) Every morning she would count the calendar just to make sure it was one day closer, and it turned out it was. Then the week of her birthday...
She had quite the list of demands...breakfast in bed, balloons to fill her room, her brother to do ALL her chores (she even changed the name on the calendar from hers to Braydon's to change the cat's litter box), she wanted a pedicure and manicure, and then the list of presents...well, here's how the day went.
I woke up at 7 on a SATURDAY so I could shower and get ready before she woke up so I could get her breakfast in bed, she wanted eggs, sausage and toast. When I got out of the shower, she was already in MY bed, awake and hanging out. So, breakfast in bed didn't happen, BUT we did have breakfast as a fmaily. JD stayed home from work in the morning so we could have breakfast together. That was nice. We decided to give Tylar her big present, her bike. So JD went and grabbed it from the truck where it had been hiding all week and brought it into the house. She was so excited and went and got dressed right away to ride it. Yes, the pic you see below she is NOT wearing her helmet. She was so excited that she "forgot", but we reminded her and she put it on for the rest of her ride. While she was riding she would ride past JD and I and yell "You're the BEST parents EVER!" That made it all worth it!

JD then had to go to work for a little bit. We had pedicure appointments in Orem at our favorite little salon...Bonny Nails. My sister and I just got the pedicures, but Tylar and my mom got both the pedicures and manicures. More like they just painted her fingernails, but she was in girlie heaven! We then went over to my mom's for a little bit and she opened Aunt Katrina's gift, since she couldn't be to the party that night. She got a crayon maker!

We went home to get ready for the family party. My kids have a party every year, but they alternate between a family party and friend party. On their even birthday years they get a friend party, and the odd year they get only a family party. This year was the family party. So, she wanted spaghetti for dinner and a GIANT cupcake for her cake. I got to work baking the cake and making dinner. For 2 1/2 hours I worked in the kitchen working to make the food for her party. BAD planning on my part. I didn't have time to let her cake cool completely before I took it out of the pan fell apart! You can't see it in the photo, I took a picture of the good side! But the whole other side of the cake slid off and was sitting on the plate! :( Tylar made me feel better and said, "Well, at least you tried mom, but next year, we had better let Grandma make the cake." How nice of her! So, Grandma and Grandpa, JD, and JD's parents, Larry and Connie came over for dinner and presents. What a spoiled little girl!!

She got 3 movies, 2 very cute belts, a CD and ipod player combo, a stroller for her play baby, books (she loves to read!), money, blendy pens, pixos, 2 pairs of Oobies and a blanket that matches one of her Oobies. I really htink the oobies are her fave. This is a picture of her with her Oobies!! She's trying to say "oobies" but it turned out "boobies" the first few times. We had a good laugh about that.
All in all, a GREAT day, but so glad that birthday's only come once a year.
Since she's 7 - here are 7 reasons why I love Tylar:
1. She is girlie. I love having a girlie-girl!!
2. She loves to dance, and wants to be like me when she grows up.
3. She is funny! You never know will come out of her mouth!
4. She is beautiful.
5. She is caring, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.
6. She is daring. She always wants to try new things, and usually with little to no fear.
7. She is MINE! She has her moments, and her little quirks, but she is mine.

I love you Tylar! You mean so very much to me. Happy birthday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I went on a road trip. It wasn't a long road trip, but it was a fast one! About a month or so ago, I was talking with a friend about wanting to see Wicked. She had wanted to see it too. Jokingly (but not really) we both said we should see where it is playing and go see it. Not much more was said and about it and nothing was done.
Well, one day I was one the computer and just thought I'd look it up...It was playing in Denver in 3 weeks. So I called her and she said that we should get tickets So, we tried to plan the best weekend. We had our dates, and after an invite to my mom, and eventually my sister, we got our tickets!
So, off to Denver we would go!! We left this past Friday and made the 8 hour drive to Denver. I drove all but about 1 1/2 hours. I was tired of driving and my contacts were bugging me. When we got there it was COLD!! We checked into our hotel and just went to bed Friday night.
Saturday was absolutely freezing!! I had snowed a little over night and the temps never got out of the teens. We walked everywhere we went and nearly froze to death, but it was fun just the same. We walked a few blocks to the open air mall. There was nothing but food places, really. There were a few stores, but not as many as i expected. We went to the show and then did a little more walking and shopping. We ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory...Mmmmm, avocado egg rolls!!! (The best!!) Went back to the hotel room, rented a movie on the tv and went to bed. I know, such an exciting time...
We got up Sunday morning and took our time to get home. I drove the whole way home. The drive to Denver wasn't too bad, but there is a canyon on your way to Denver and it is absolutely beautiful!! It is the most beautiful canyon I have ever seen. We were all glad to be home, but the trip was fun and worth it! I would love to do another road trip again...
So, about the show...LOVED IT!! I will definitely go see it again. I am hoping it comes back to SLC so I can see it again, or I just might have to take another road trip. I was exciting and fun, yet it had you asking questions, and it showed a whole different side of "The Wizard of Oz" that I would never have expected.
Fun weekend, fun friends and family, fun show = FUN FUN FUN!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some of the things my daughter does/days

So, many of you know my daughter's personality well. She has really cracked me up or tried my patience the past few days. Here are a few of the things she has done/said:

Sunday: Tylar had used the bathroom at my mom's house and it is in the very back of the house. She started yelling to be wiped, and just kept screamingl JD had gone in there to wipe her and he told her that she didn't need to yell like that. Her immediate reply was, "I had to yell, I don't get good reception back here!"

On a nearly a daily basis, I am continually teliing Tylar...and I quote..."Stop choking the cat!" Variations include kicking, hitting, pinching, stepping on, throwing, suffoacting. Then she will ask me why the cat doesn't like to snuggle with her? Hmmm!

Tonight: While driving to Parent Teacher Conferences we had this argument...I am getting to make a right hand turn, and choosing not to turn in front of a quickly moving vehicle.
"Go, mom."
"I can't Ty, there is a truck coming."
"Mom, you would have had plenty of time!"
"No, Tylar, I wouldn't have. That truck was coming fast."
"If you would have just gone in the first place, you would have made it!"

I ignored her, and then we got to her appointment a few minutes late so I was trying to hurry her in. She came out with...
"See mom, if you would have just listened to me in the first place and turned when I told you we would have been on time. You really should do what you are told."

I couldn't help but laugh...

If you are ever around her long enough, you will find out all sorts of info. She is one funny girl!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last weekend I was invited by my Friend Jonie to attend the scrapbook expo in Sandy. I knew this was NOT an easy undertaking. I am soooo very behind in my scrapbooking! Like....a combined 15 years behind on my 2 kids. I decided to go anyway. The two days before I spent HOURS combing through photos that were not dated or sorted. WHAT A JOB! This has totally taught me that I need to be more organized. Time to turn on the old OCD for my pictures too I guess. Anyway, I packed a huge tote (and I am NOT kidding) and then two large bags and headed out Friday morning. My goal was to finish 15 pages between the two days. I started with Tylar's book, since the poor girl had only 3 pages done in her book, and they were terrible!! So, I redid them. I worked to get as many done as I could, and by the end of the night, my page could was at 16! I had already beat my goal. I was so very excited! I decided to cut back on my supplies to try and make the tote lighter, and since I was at the expo, if I needed something I could just go buy it! :) What's better than that?!? So we headed up there Saturday and I started to work. I got side tracked when I entered the dance contest and took 3rd. (My friends said the judges wanted me to win, but they did an audience vote...the boy took first...only becuase he's a boy, and then another girls took 2nd because she had like 30 people she was with.) But I digress. I went back to work, had a fun little visit from Tylar and my mom, hung out with them, and then went back to work!

After all is said and done...I got 31 pages done!!! I was amazed after I counted them all! Phew! I met some new friends, got to know friends better, and had a blast scrapbooking! I totally can't wait until this Spring for the next one!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Follow-up on my mascara!

Ok, so if you wanted a really good deal on this kind of mascara...Costco has a 3-pack for only $14.99! That's a great deal! So, get a group of 3 ladies together and split it, or be a mascara hog like me and keep all 3 to yourself! :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I heart mascara! (For Karen!)

So this past Tuesday in the adult dance class, we got ont he discussion of make-up, mascara in particular. I heart mascara, and not any mascara...Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara. NOT the water proof, becuase truly it is super water proof, and you pretty much need a brillo pap and sos to take it off. Just the regular black mascara. So, for Karen, I am going to blog for a second about my fave make-up item.

If I had to pick only 1 make-up necessity for the rest of my life can you guess what it will be?...that's right, my friends, my mascara. My philosophy of mascara...too much is never enough! I put one coat on and let it dry, then I use my eye lash curler to curl my lashes. (I heat my eye lash curler with my hair dryer for just a few seconds, it really does make a difference, I think.) The I apply up to 3 more coats of my mascara, letting it dry between each application. I will carry it with me too, in case I need to reapply.

So, basically, I HEART MASCARA! <3
(For you Karen!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mint Oreo truffles

This recipe is for mint oreo truffles. I think you could use other oreos, or other flavor chocolate to give it different flavors. I am going to try using the strawberry oreos one time with white chocolate, and then the regular oreos with white chocolate...anyway, get creative to find your fave flavor, but I followed this flavor combo and really like them! (So did my guests!)

1 pkg. mint oreos
1 pkg. cream cheese (8 oz.)
1 tsp. vanilla

Cream together ingredients and refrigerate for 1 hour. Scoop or roll into desired ball size then place onto a cookie sheet covered in wax paper and place in freezer. Freeze for at least 30 min. While it freezing, make chocolate dip.

1 pkg. chocolate chips
1 TBS. shortning

Melt together and stir. You can use a pan on the stove to slowly melt it, or use a glass bowl in the microwave. Heat in 1 min intervals, stirring in between, to melt chocolate. Place toothpick in each ball. Dip frozen ball into chocolate and place back onto wax covered cookie sheet. After each ball is completely covered in chocolate, place pan back in freezer until serving time. Leaving the toothpicks in make for easy serving.

These were easy and fun! Tylar helped me make them, and they were very tasty! I can't wait until I try another flavor combination. This recipe yielded 24 balls, but there were good sized. If you wanted to get more out of the dough, make your balls smaller.
Have fun making them. Let me know what you think! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The day my life changed forever.

This is my dad...he is the best dad ever. No this is not a late father's day post. On August 9th, 23 years ago my father had a brain aneurizm rupture. This even changed our little family forever. This is the story... (Sorry, sis, I borrowed your pic!)

August 9th, 1986. We were at a family reunion in St. George. That afternoon we had been playing in the pool and everything had been fine. The day was closing and we were getting ready for bed. My brother, sister and myself were in our sleeping bags on the floor of our hotel. My dad had gone into the bathroom to get ready for bed. A while had passed and he opened the door, dropped to the floor and screamed, "My head", and fell to the floor.

My mom called our family in and my mom took him to the hospital. He was then life flighted to Utah Valley Hospital, and then on to McKay Dee hoptial in Ogden for a few weeks. He stroked several times causing permanent short term memory loss, orientation to time and place, and loss of motor skills. He spent several weeks in the hospital.

I remember going to see him a few days after it had happened. He didn't know who I was; he called me "Grandma Brown". I was devastated. My own dad didn't know who I was. I was only six when this happened, and didn't understand what was happening. From what I gathered, they figured that he must have had a small stroke. I thought that I had done something to him while we werew swimming. I lived with that guilt for years and never told anyone. It was not until I was about 17 years old that I found out there I did not do anything to cause it, but it still did not change how I felt. For more than 11 years I thought I had caused my father to become disabled. It was so rough.

It was rough on our whole family. My dad couldn't go back to work bacuse of his new disabilities. My mom, luckily, had pursued her nursing degree and had to go back work full time as a nurse at Utah Valley hospital. It was a very different childhood.

My dad couldn't even leave the house by himself. If he did, he would forget which house was his. I had to be there to watch over him and my sister and brother. We had a lot of help from my mom's parents. There were there sooo much for us, although they lived so far away. The drive is about 3 hours. So if there was a big problem, they weren't closel Luckily, my mom's sister's (4 different ones) lived fairly close to help out too.

I became very responsible very quickly. I don't remember too much about this event or things that happened after, but I do remember learning how to ake soup or macaroni and cheese to feed to my brother and sister and dad. I remember helping with homework as I got older.

I remember having to know our schedules for sports, dance, piano, and extra activites and how to get there and the times so I could help my dad get us where we needed to be. Eventually he could drive again, but for a while he couldn't leave the house without someone with him. After a few years, the Relief Society in my mom's ward offered to take him to the Bishop's Storehouse in Lindon to volunteer for a few hours while I was in school. Someone woud pick him up and stay with him and then bring him home when I got home. That ward was so wonderful to help in the time of need. Truly, if all wards could be so giving, caring and selfless...

He is a lot better as far as things moving to his long-term memory. He knows how to get around the Orem, Provo area fairly well. He can make it out to our house and back. He can go to my grandparents house in Idaho. It is a constant struggle though. He carries a date/time book everywhere he goes. He writes everything down or he won't know what's going on. Several times a day he will ask what day it is. It can get very frustrating, especially after 23 years of being asked 10 times a day what day it is, or what you have going on that day, but we have learned to deal. I am not saying I always have a lot of patience, but I have learned tolerance.

My dad truly is amazing. He has overcome so much in his life, and is now dealing with Celiac's. As if he needed one more thing! He has an allergy to gluten/wheat. He is such a strong and positive person. He would do anything for anyone, and does it all the time. Anytime I need him, he is matter what. What a truly beautiful person he is.

I wish I could remember how he was before. I hear he was such a terrific guy, although I don't know how he could get any better. It is still hard for him sometimes, and he struggles. There are times he gets depressed, but he is so positive. We are all at the table eating hamburgers and hot dogs on buns and he just smiles and wraps his in lettuce. If you ever want to meet and amazing person, just meet my dad.

A funny story...when JD and I were dating I hadn't told him everything about my dad and the full story of his disability. My dad doesn't remember names well so he calls people "friend". So if you ever meet and I you say your name to him, and then 30 seconds calls you friend, you know why. :) Anyway, so he kept calling JD friend and JD would reply, "My name is JD." My dad would just "ok". So my dad went up to JD and said, "Hey friend, would you like a MT. Dew?" JD said he would so dad walked out to the garage. A few minutes laterhe walked back in, empty handed, and just started going about business aorund the kitchen. A few minutes later my dad went up to JD again and asked him if me wanted a Mt. Dew. JD said he did and my dad walked out to the garage again. A few minutes later and returned empty handed. JD was baffled but didn't say anything. So a few minutes later my dad went up to him again and asked him if he wanted a Mt Dew. JD this time said, "Sure, show me where they are!" That night I explained fully about his illness.

Another funny story...this happens a LOT!...When you give my dad a choice he will usually say, "I don't care, whatever." Well, at Lake Powell last week we were fixing lunch on the boat. We bring our food out and just have lunch on the lake. My sister was was going around asking everyone what kind of chips they wanted. She got to dad and said "What chips do you want dad? We've got fritos, cook ranch or classic?" (It seems like an easy list to choose from, right?) Dad replied, "Whatever." Katrina said, "No dad, not whatever, what kind do you want." WIthout hesitation he replied, "What were my choices again?" Just a few seconds and he had forgotten his options. Poor guy.

It was hard growing up, knowing my mom wouldn't be home when I got home from school, and that I would just have to go home to "babysit" my dad and brother and sister. I felt cheated, I felt shorted. I look back and realize that I would not be the person I am today had it not been for my experience.

I also know my mom did what she could to give us the most "normal" life she could. We did not go without. We may not have had what other kids had, but we had so much love. My mom is such a strong person. She taught me strength, determination, love, kindness, to never give up. She could have walked away and left my dad in a home, or with his parents, but she didn't. When it would have been easy, and probably easier on us kids, she didn't. I thank her for that. We have not had it easy, but we have had each other! When the rest of the people you know walk out on you, your family walks in.

My grandparents, my momn's parents, are wonderful people too. There were many times when we were adjusting, and even after we had "adjusted", that we just needed a break. My mom would call her dad in Idaho and let them know we were struggling. They would then call my dad and ask him if he would be willing to come and help them on the farm. He always felt sooo important, like his help mattered. And really, he is such a hard worker. They just don't make 'em like him anymore.

I look back over my life and am grateful that I have endured this challenge. I am the person I am today, and everyday I am shaped, by the events of my childhood. Dad, I love you so much, you are my hero! Mom, you are my hero and my best friend. Kevin, Katrina, I know I put you through a LOT growing up, but becoming the one to take care of you was an adjustment. Please forgive me. I love you all very much!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

So I have officially taken my first "girls only" trip. My sister wanted to get away so we (my mom, sister and I) planned a trip to..where else do people like to get away...VEGAS!
So, on Saturday, July 11th, we hopped a flight and went to warmer weather. (115 degrees!) I am not one to complain about heat...I love being hot. It was almost unbearable for my mom and sister, I enjoyed it.

We stayed in the Trump Tower. It was so very beautiful! I will forever stay there when I go to Vegas. We had a little room issue when we got there, but they were very willing to help us and work it out. The room was actually more of an aparement than an hotel. It was exquisite! (There was a $100 per per room "insurance" fee per night in case of any "oops". Luckily we didn't get charged!) Below is the pool from our room. My sister and I only visited is once, for about 2 hours. We were too busy otherwise.

The first actual day we were there was did A LOT of walking. We walked from one end of the strip to almost the other end. It was Katrina's first time ever being, so we were there just for her. We did a little shopping, a lot of people watching, and more walking. That night we had tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil's "O" show at the Bellagio. I have been to see a few other Cirque shows, but this takes the cake! It was incredible. It was a water show. They had a huge stage of water and peole would dive into it, and suddenly liek 15 people would just appear out of no where in the water, and then a few moments later the water stage would just dissappear and a regualr stage was in its place. I deinitely recommend seeing this show!

Us three girls getting ready for the "O" show. Truly magical!

The fountains at the Bellagio after the "O" show. They are very beautiful. We stuck around to see two different shows.

The second full day we were there we did more "attration hopping". We visited the mall and shopped and then we went to Mandalay Bay to the aquarium; Treasure Island to the other aquarium; Mirage to the animal sanctuary. It is a fuper fun day. By this time, our feet hurt sooo very bad from all the walking that we started getting taxis if we were going very far. My mom had to go home tonight, too. So we were packing everything in we could before she had to go.
The three of us at Mandalay Bay. (Above)
The tigers at the Mirage. (Below)

After we wished her a safe trip back, we decided to go out and play some more. to the mall to do more shopping. :) We had also decided that since this was our last night that we wanted to see another show. We had gotten tickets to the Blue Man Group. So, we hurried to the Venetian to the show.

My sister Katrina and me at the Blue Man group show, waiting for it to start...The show was super funny!
After the show we caught a taxi back to our hotel to drop off our bags and get ready to go back out and "play" ona few blackjack switch tables. Our cab driver was super nice and we had a nice ride back. We had arrived back at our hotel and started to walk up to our room when Katrina realized she had lost her phone! She dumped out her purse to make sure it wasn't in the bottom and it was no where! So we walked to the taxi area to see if the taxi was still there and wasn't! So now what? I immediately called her phone and she informed me it was on vibrate! Are you serious?!? I just kept dialing hoping that someone might pick up. No luck. So we went to the concierge desk to ask what we should do. The nice bellman said that security may be able to pull the security video and get any info they could off the cab. The nice man at the desk called their security dept. and we talked them into it. While we waited, we were gived a list of all the cab companies in Las Vegas. We started at the top and called each one that had the colors of cab that we could remember we were in. Between calling cab companies, I texted her phone to call my phone if luck. I also called again, several times. After many calls to the cab companies with no responces, we thought her phone was a gonner. Security called back and said all they could get off the cab was that it was red and white with a "W" in the name of the cab company. So we went to the end of the list in the W names and was about ready to dial when my phone rang with an unlisted number. I answered it and it was the cab driver! He had her phone! There was a catch though...he was across town by now and there were two options: he could take it to the office when his shift was over in the morning and we could pick it up then; or he could delver it to us, for the cost of the fare of course! My sister decided to pay the fare and he delivered it to us! This is proof that even in a city like LV, there are still good people out there. :) After retrieving her phone, we went out to play around.

The next morning, we decided to hit the Stratosphere. We caught a cab, with my sister's phone securly in her purse, and headed out. She wanted to ride the rides on the Stratosphere. We first rode the Big Shot (pictured below.) They have two newer rides: X-scream and Insanity. X-scream is like a giant teeter-totter that shoots you out over the edge of the needle and then while you are dangling, it lowers you so you are looking almost straight down! It was quite the ride. Then we rode Insanity. After seeing what it did, I didn't want to ride. Not because I was scared, but becuase I get sick on spinning rides. breaved it because my sister really wanted to go. You sit in a seat and then a giant robotic are swings you out over the edge of the needle and then you start spinning! You get spinning so fast that your seat lays forward and you are looking directly down over the seat. YIKES! I felt my face turning green. I couldn't wait for this ride to be over, and was very glad we had saved it until last. We got off the ride and both felt a little queasy. So, after riding the elevator down, getting each a Sprite to settle our stomache's, we hailed a cab and headed to lunch. We went to the Rainforest Cafe and chowed down! We headed back to the hotel after finishing our shopping. We packed our goods and headed to the airport.

We got to the airport and had made it through security when my sister received a call on her phone letting us know our plane had been delayed! That would have been nice to know BEFORE we arrived at the airport. So we slowly made our way to our terminal. We sat there and made observations to each other to pass the time. (We are both people watchers.) We grabbed a bite to eat when they announced our plane was about 30 minutes from boarding. We were one of the first ones to board and we settled into our seats. It wasn't bad enough that our plane was delayed 45 minutes before, now we sat on the plane at the gate for another 60 MINUTES! It was really frustrating. I let me husband know that he didn't need to be on time and then it was time for take off. We landed more than 2 hours later that orginally scheduled, but made it home safe.
It was a fun trip and I am glad that I could go with my sister, and would like to thank my fabulous husband for funding this trip and taking care of the kids so I could go. When's the next trip?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stadium of Fire 2009

Once again, I did Stadium of Fire. I did not dissapoint! We had three days of practices. Thursday the 2nd we had just 6 hours of practice for the girls and then an hour and half directors meeting after! I didn't get home until almost midnight that night. It was stormy so it really wasn't too bad of a practice. We even got rained on a little. Friday the 3rd I had to be up by 5:30 am to get ready for practice that day. We had practice from 6:45 am until 10 p.m. that night. We did have a few lunch/dinner breaks and little drink and potty breaks during the day. It was hot thought. I really could have gone for more of the weather we had the night before, but it wasn't happening. Although it was hot, about 90 degrees, it wasn't as hot as last year. (It reached 105 last year!) The morning of the 4th I got up again around 5:30 am to get ready to go. We had practice again from 6:45 am until about noon. We went home, rested and then got ready for the show. It truly was a beautiful show. They had a ceremonial flag burning. I sobbed like a baby! I am a very patriotic person, so things like that get me. Ok, let me be honest...I cry during the national anthem...
The Jonas Brothers were not bad either. I would have to say that they were better than Miley Cyrus the year before. The show in whole was one of the best I have seen/been a part of. I am truly blessed to be part of this wonderful show! Can't wait for next year!

The girls in their practice uniform on Friday. These girls are such cheesers! XO

The girls in their practice uniforms Saturday.

Main dancers during dress rehearsal on Friday night. Kenadee, Kortney and Katei. (The KKK) :)

Junior dancers during dress rehearsal on Friday. Payton, Megan, Lauren, Shakota, Kelsi, and Casey. These cuties had so much energy.

The whole group ready for the show...just waiting to get lined up!

The part of the show where they burned the flag. One of my cute little ones look up at me and asked, "Miss Andrea, are you all right?" I was crying and she was concerned. How adorable!

The whole group after the show. Way to go ladies!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tooth update!

Tylar lost her SECOND TOOTH on Friday the 10th! Right next to the other one she lost. She now has a gaping hole inthe bottom of her mouth. Its kinda funny, it has given her a slight lisp and makes it harder to eat. She also makes this sucking noise when she sleeps. Its super cute! The tooth that she lost on July 2nd is already coming in! YIKES! We were at Jd's and my softball game and she had been bugging me that it was loose. I had been kinda working on it a little every day to wiggle it out, but it just wasn't coming. I had a little zip-loc baggie with me just in case...
So at the game, I got a piece of floss, which I also carry with me, and worked on it. Suddenly it bent forward and was barely hanging on. So I grabbed it with my fingers, after using hand sanitizer, which I also carry with me, and pulled it out! YEAH!
The tooth fairy came to visit again. If she doesn't stop losing teeth, the tooth fairy might go broke!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tylar's first tooth

She was a ripe 6 1/2 years when it happened, and frankly I thought it would be much longer, but Tylar has finally lost her first tooth! She has been saying her teeth were loose for MONTHS now, but we would wiggle it with our fingers and it would hardly move. So we just kept telling her its not ready. Then on Thursday she kept complaining, so my mom told her to get the floss so she could prove to Ty that it wasn't loose. She put the floss around the tooth and gave it a little tug and the tooth came flying out of her mouth and right down my mom's shirt! I guess it was loose. I was sad because I wasn't there when she lost her first tooth. I was at Stadium of Fire practice that night. When I got the picture on my phone, it got teary-eyed. There are just milestones you want to be around for, and this was one of them. (Let's be honest here, as a mom you want to be around for ALL milestones!) I did get to play "tooth-fairy" that night though.
We had visited the dentist only a few weeks earlier and he said it would proabably be a while. Well, I guess she was right. It was ready to come out. So, we have been working a little on the tooth next to it, but it is being a bit more subborn. So, soon enough, she will have a mile-wide gap on her bottom gums. Can't wait for that one to happen. She is already complaining that it is hard to eat....girl, you've got a surprise after you lose that next one!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Andrea, think before you speak!

Sometimes, acutally many times, words just fly out of my mouth before my brain has had time to process what my mouth is about to say. Such an even happened at Wal-Mart on Monday. I was walking through picking up a few things when I ran into (not literally) a friend from the neighborhood. (Names will be omitted to protect the innocent)We engaged in conversation which led to the participation of my children in primary. Now, our participation has been nothing to brag about and I made this known. This dear friend then shared a little fact that a few positions in our ward had been changed. (This is where my mouth got a head of me...) I responded (actual statment will be revised slightly) oh I know...and I am not happy...that's one reason... Well, I will leave you to use your imagination and your knowledge of me to fill in the rest. (Now, try to be nice:) ) I could tell that she was really surprised and probably offended by what I had said. I meant no offense, and should not have said what I did. I am sorry, unnamed friend, if I offended you. I didn't mean to be so......outspoken.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More on 5K

I forgot to add that the 5K I ran was put on by my mom's deparment at the hopital. It was called Race for Red: Women and Heart Disease. My dance studio, Diva's Dance Studio, was a sponsor, as was JD's dealership. I decided that since I was a sponsor, that I should run it as well. That's what made me decide to do it. I don't think I would have started to run it if I hadn't been apart of that.

My first 5K

I know this is a while in coming, but I have been always!
So, last Saturday, the 30th in May, I ran my first 5K. Without much training, actually any, I completed my first race ever. I was super nervous, but I finished in under 45 minutes. I know that's not fast, but my goal is, by the end of the summer, to be able to complete one under 30 minutes. So I have been trying to get out and jog during the week. Tuesday of this week I went out and ran to the round-a-bout and back. That was just over 2 miles! Braydon came with me. JD might be doing it too, and Tylar has express interest in going. So, soon it may be a family affair.
I am NOT a ALL! Actually, I hated it, until I ran that 5K. Suddenly I am totally addicted. I don't know what it is, but it was such a high! So, I am going to keep running, hopefully 3 times a week. I didn't get out today, though. I have injured my hip and it hurts to walk, and I have the beginning of shin splints. So I decided to take today off and shoot for Saturday. If all goes well, and my body heals, I will be out again running by Saturday morning.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its HOW much?

So about 12 days ago, my car flashed a message at my on my display that said "Servive B now due". I just let it go and at about 5 days past, it was still dinging at me reminding me every time I turned on the car that it was overdue. So I decided to call the Mercedes dealership and ask what the service B was. They told me it was an oil change plus they changed a few things like the air filter and such. I didn't think that was too big a deal and didn't make an appointment. So today, while running (actually driving) my errands it dinged at me again. So I dialed the Mercedes store again and asked when I could bring it in for service. They said anytime this week would sbe fine. I asked how much it was and she replied, "Service B is $489.95 before tax." WHAT!?! It is how much for an oil change. NO you did not read that wrong, and I did not type it wrong...that is what she said. I had better be getting a massage and pedicure for that price. I could not believe it. So , I guess the oil change will have to wait, I'll be saving my pennies for a LONG TIME! (Now taking donations...Andrea's Very Expensive Oil Change Fund!) :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Competition results for May 9th!

OK, I could NOT even wait to post these...another FABULOUS day at competitions! I am so proud of ALL my ladies. You did great!
Tiny's A - Hot, hot, hot - 1st place
Tiny's B - Under the Sea - 2nd place
Tiny's C - Girls Just Wanna - 2nd place
Tiny's Combo - 4th place
Mini's A - Pumpin up the Party - 1st place
Mini's B - Route 66 - 2nd place
Mini's Combo - 2nd place
Express - Let's dance - 3rd place
Express - Ready, Set, Don't Go - 5th place
Juniors - Mercy - 1st place
Juniors - We belong - 3rd place
Seniors - Dance, Dance - 1st place
Seniors - Dancing Dirt into the Snow - 3rd place
Junior Hip Hop - Lip Gloss - 2nd place
Senior Hip Hop - 1st place
Mama's - Please Dont' Stop the Music - 1 place (Gold ranking)
Mama's - Behind the Wall - 1st place (Gold ranking)
SHOW - 2nd place
We also received the Best Showmanship award for Jr. Hip Hop - Lip Gloss!'s a funny story!So I decided to stay and watch a few dances with Tylar and my mom. (I could spent the day at competitions! I love them!) Anyway, so a few dances turned into the rest of the competition. We were getting ready to pack up and leave and I decided I wanted to stay for awards. So we stayed and listened. At the end of awards they give out their "specialty" awards. They had gived all those out and they announced they had two more awards. So we just hung out. They anounced Director of the Year and we clapped. Then they announced Studio of the Year to...DIVA'S DANCE STUDIO! That's right ladies. We received the Studio of the Year award! We brought the most dances, and so we got this very high award. I am sooooo pleased. We were both in shock. Not expecting anything else, we had only stayed to listen and to watch. Well, I am sooo glad we did. I am so happy with how this season has turned out! Congrats ladies, and thanks for the wonderful season!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our competition this weekend!

Wr totally rocked this weekend! I am so proud of my girls. Here's a listing of the places we got this weekend:
Solos/Duets on Friday:
Madison Taylor - 1st Attendant
Tylar Olsen - Queen
Kylie Bale and Shalie Jenkins - Queen

Team competition on Saturday:
Show: 4th place
Tiny's A - Hot, Hot, Hot: 2nd place
Tiny's B - Under the Sea: 2nd place
Tiny's C - Girls just Wanna: 3rd place
Tiny's Combo - One dance: 1st place AND Overall Beginning High Point!
Mini's A - Pumpin up the Party: 3rd place
Mini's B - Route 66: 2nd place
Mini's Combo - Breaking Free: 2nd place
Express - Let's Dance: 1st place
Express - Ready, Set, Don't Go: 4th place
Juniors - Mercy: 3rd place
Juniors - We Belong: 3rd place
Seniors - Dance, Dance: 2nd place
Senios - Dancing Dirt into the Snow: 1st place
Junior Hip Hop - Lip Gloss: 2nd place
Senior Hip Hop - Like A Boy: 1st place

We also received the Sportsmanship award! WAHOO!!!
Now, onto next week...........

Monday, April 27, 2009

Warning...some of you may get offended...just a warning! Braydon's first fist fight

Ok, while I do have things to blog about, like our trip to San Francisco, I have a quick minute to tell you about something very crazy that happened on Friday. I was at Bunko enjoying my evening (eventhough I didn't win a big prize) when I looked at my phone and I had a new text message. I decieded to check it. It was JD and the text read, "Braydon just got in his first fist fight". I started panicing. I called JD immediately to find out if everything was ok. He then told me that Braydon had fought a set of triplets that live across the street and another neighbor bnoy, Braxton. I asked if Braydon was ok and when I found out he was I told him I was going to leave and come home to get the rest of the story.
Here's where some of you might get offended...and if you continue to read, please remember that this is my opinion. If you have another opinion of the people mentioned, that's your opinion.
There is a set of triplet boys that moved into a house across the street last summer. For some reason, unknown to us, those don't like Braydon. He tried from the beginning to invite them over, and at first they would come play, but quickly, like within the month they moved in, we started having problems with these boys, They told the other kids on our street not to play with Braydon. Braxton listened, but Brennen didn't Brennen even told them that he would rather be friends with Braydon than them, and that they shouldn't be like that to Braydon. They also told the kids in his primary class and scouts group not to be his friend. (Remember, Braydon does not remember doing or saying anything to these boys to deserve this.) So, alliances here formed on our block and it became apparent who Braydon could hang out with. (Although, if the triplets aren't home, Braxton will come over and play with Braydon and Brennen.) It has been a very hard winter for Braydon. These 4 boys (the triplets and Braxton) have really picked on Braydon. They have even thrown snowballs at my car as I drive by. So, now as the weather is getting warmer the kids are playing outside more. Well, a couple of months ago, while I was teaching dance, I had the windows open and all of a sudden there is a outburst of yelling my backyard. It is the 4 boys yelling at Braydon and Tylar. It was acutally a misunderstanding that they never apologized for. What happened is the triplets little sister went home to go potty and the triplets thought that my kids told her to go home. So they came over just screaming at my kids. When their sister came back over and they saw that she was playing, they just took off and never apologized. My kids' feelings were hurt terribly becuase they called some really mean names and said some really mean things. So, that night after dance I got on the phone to all the families involved to ask if they would have a neighborhood meeting. The only one that agreed was Brennen's mom (Braydon's friend). She thought things wre getting bad too. Braxton's mom did not think there was any sort of a problem and that "kids are just going to be kids". I finally got a hold of the triplets mom and went over and talked with her. Her excuse for the triplets being mean was, "they have always just had each other, so I guess they don't really know how to get along." REALLY!? Is that your excuse? How many times have you practiced that one? I was soo mad. I even asked one of the triplets what Braydon had ever done to them to deserve this type of treatment, and he had no answer. So, I just advised Braydon to nt hang out with them. That simple. So, basically becuase it is not happening to their kids, its not a big deal.
That brings us to Friday night...
Here's the story I got fro Braydon and Jaren (my friends son that witnessed it...):
Braydon, Jaren, Braxton and the triplets were playing dodgeball at Braxtons house. Everything was going ok and then Braxton's dad went into the house. The teams are now made of Braydon and Jaren against the other 4. Fair??? Anyway, one of the triplets threw the ball hard at Braydon and pegged him in the side (which he had a welt from). Braydon picked up the ball and tossed it back. Just as he did that one of the triplets ran right in front of the ball and got out. He was so mad that he turned and rat a Braydon with his fists flying. Braydon saw him and grabbed his hand and threw him down. That made the rest of them mad. The other two triplets joined in and started punching Braydon. So, Braydon fought back. He started punching too. Braxton eventually got in on it. WIthin a few seconds, Braydon had single-handedly beat up the 4 of them. They all went home with either bloody noses, fat lips, or holding their stomaches.
Braydon did get a bloody nose too and a swolen lip. Now, I don't condone fighting, in anyway, but I do support defending yourself. I have told my kids that they had better NEVER throw the first punch, but they had better finish the fight!
I have now told Braydon to stay away from these boys. Really, if there were to plan an attack and rush him without him realizing it, they could do some damage I'm afraid. This is not right to live in a neighborhood full of bullies. My children are at risk everyday. I have also had a problem with Braxton's mom. One day the triplets and Braxton and her 2 daughters were being mean to Tylar and she came home crying. One of the triplets called her a ball baby and she agreed! Braydon heard it! So, instead of stopping these kids and telling them its NOT ok to do this, she was totally condoning it. I HATE IT! I will not live in a pkace that i feel is not safe for my kids, and I do not feel safe anymore.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shoe issues!

Ok, so I have some serious issues, as many of you know. I am addicted to a few things...purses, jewelry and ......SHOES! Just to let you know how bad this obsession is, I have bought myself 6 pairs of shoes, Tylar 4 pairs of shoes, and Braydon 1 pair of shoes....ALL within the last week! (11 pairs of shoes!!!!) I know what you are thinking...actually, maybe not. I *LOVE* shoes! So to me, it wasn't a big deal, unti I started to add them up. In my defense, two pairs for Ty I bought in San Francisco so those didn't really count, and the two others for her were flip flops, so they don't count either. I can't really account for Braydon's other than I had bouth Ty so many that I had to buy him one, and besides I got my new white pumps (shown above) 1/2 when I bought his so its only logical! For the rest of the shoes...they are London Undergrounds (LU). They are some of the MOST comfortable shoes! Really, I know they don't look it, but until you try them on, you won't believe it. I got a call from a friend (THX BROOKE!) that a whole batchof LU's were on ebasy, so there I go...over to ebay. Sure enough, there they were. Now, please note that LU's are not even in production anymore so when you find them they are a MUST BUY! So, I did. I bought several colors and styles. ALso, the thing that makes then so great is that in the day, these shoes cost $120, and I got them for $20 each! So really, I got 5 pairs for the price of 1! I AM AWESOME! Now, you will notice that most of the shoes pictured below look alike, well, that means that basically I only bought really 1 pair of shoes. So when we add it like that...I only bought 4 pairs! Phew I feel muchbetter about my purchases.

These are my new shoes. :) <3XOXOXOXOXO!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The garbage man did what?!?

Ok, so JD, the kids, and I were just leaving the house when we saw the garbage man getting back into his garbage truck. JD walked over to our garbage cans becuase the yard waste can was turned toward the house. The garbage man told JD that he would NOT (in a very rude voice) empty that can because it had more than just green waste. So JD opened the lid and found there was a ball of masking tape and an empty paint can in the bin. He apologized and took it out of the can. He then asked the garbage man if he would quickly empty the can. The garbage man said NO! So JD just turned his back on the garbage man and started bringing in the cans from the street. I walked over to him and noticed THIS written on our garbage can!

NO, I am NOT kidding and I DID NOT do this myself. The garbage man had gotten out of his truck and wrote on my can. I was sooo mad! Then I asked myself, "How did he even know what was in my can?" I have no idea, but I guess somehow he looked in it and saw the few things in there and wouldn't dump it. We didn't even know that it was in there. We had a painter over painting (obviously) my dance props and when he asked me what garbage can to drop the stuff in, I said the green one, not even thinking.
So, to wrap the story up, I ended up taking this picture and then called the Waste Mansgement company and filed a complaint! I couldn't believe it! I don't know what will happen, if anything, but you just don't get out and write on someones garbage can! UGH! Don't upset your garbage man, or else...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Braydon!

I can't hardly believe that my little boy is 11! Yester day was his birthday. He is such a joy in our lives. 11 reasons why I love Braydon...

1. He's kind

2. He's loving

3. He's tender hearted

4. He's obedient (most of the time)

5. He cares about others and their feelings

6. He's helpful

7. He's protective of his sister

8. He is athletic and loves sports

9. He thinks of others and their needs

10. He's fun to be around

11. He's MINE!

Braydon at 3 months

Braydon at 9 months

Braydon on Saturday

Braydon opening his Bday presents

He got a new Nerf gun from his sister and nerf "bullets", he also got a new ipod and tickets to the Supercross in a few weeks. He also got baseball stuff from his aunt Katrina and a basketball and shirts from his Uncle Kevin and aunt Rachel. His Grandma is going to take him out for a "date" and get him what he wants. It was such a fun day. He got to see his uncle Kevin in Cedar City too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDON! We love you so much! XOXOXO

Saturday, April 4, 2009

One of these days...

Ok, I know I am TOTALLY behind on blogging (Thanks, Mom, for pointing that out)! It is my goal tomorrow to really work on it. I finally found and ordered and received a new software cd so I can *hopefully* put some vidoes on my blog. I also have a camera full of photos from various things I need to put on here. So, fair warning, next time you check back, you may be overwhelmed with a plethera of Olsen info. At least...that's the plan.

Friday, February 27, 2009

25 random things.

I was tagged on Facebook, but I figured I'd post it here too...

1. I love the smell of a skunk.
2. I collect stamps, not postage stamps, rubber stamps. I have over 200 SETS of stamps.
3. I love changing my hair color. I can't leave it alone.
4. I am obsessed with shoes. Normal people buy a t-shirt when on vacation, I bring home a new pair of shoes!
5. I teach dance, and I love it!
6. I am close to my family.
7. I have OCD, but it strikes in waves. For example, the hangers in my house used to be a variety of colors, and then one day I walked into my closet and looked and noticed all the different colors and it was suddenly and neccesity to have all the hangers in my house white,. So I ran to the store right then and bought all white hangers and went through my house and changed them all.
8.I can pinch with my toes...HARD! I leave bruises.
9. I am always cold.1
0. I prefer 100 degree weather than 70 degrees. I love heat!
11. I am a huge fan of the Utah Jazz!
12. I love shopping. Not just for myself, but for others too! I just love to shop!!!
13. I talk in my sleep.
14. I love writing...stories, poems, paper...When I was in high school, I used to make a little $$ by writing papers for college students.
15. I have many friends, but only a very few "true friends"
16. I have 4 pets: 1 dog - Pica, 1 cat - Smores, 1 fish - Grumpy gills, 1 rabbit - Spice
17. I wear a lot of black clothes, not intentionally, but it just happens.
18. I have two of the BESTest kids in the world, Braydon - 10, Tylar - 6
19. I am the sports watcher in our house. Many houses its the husband who monopolizes the tv with sports, but it me! I love watching the pro-sports.
20. I love music. I have a radio in the shower, in my room, while on the computer, in the car...EVERYWHERE! I just love listening to music, and pretty much all kinds.
21. I hate the feel of paper. It gives me chills.
22. I won't eat a popsicle that is on a wooden stick, unless I can wrap a piece of plastic or something around it. The texture of the wood makes me gag.
23. There are certain towels that I won't use becuase of the feel of them on my wet skin. I have to test the towels before I buy them by getting my fingers wet and then touching the towel.
24. I change my hand writing constantly. I have never liked it, so I am constantly trying to improve it.2
5. I am supposed to wear contacts and glasses, but, here I am, squinting at the computer screen because I refure to wear them!

Well, there ya go. A little insight. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a few pics from Ty's solo competition last friday.
She took first place for the competition on Firday and qualified for finals on Saturday. She competed again, but this time she was against all dancers ages K - 5th grade. Well, needless to say that my cute ittle kindergartener is not going to hold a candle to a 5th grader. She still did very well...she placed 10th out of 14th, which means that she not only beat all the girls that qualified from her age group, but that she beat one girl from the 2nd and 3rd grade age group! YOU GO GIRL! I am so proud of her.
Next solo competition...Feb. 27th at Thanksgiving Point's Barn.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ty's minute with a superstar

Tylar had her first dance competition last night. As it was getting ready to start the judges came out and took their places. My eyes went to one that recognized. Then it was Thayne from So You Think You Can Dance! I could not believe it! I looked at my mom and told her who that was. We got all excited and Braydon accidentlly kicked his water bottle and it started rolling down the auditorium. I walked up to see where it had gone and there it sat under neath his feet! Now I had to talk to him. I asked him to grab my water bottle and he did. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! He was super nice, though. So the competition continued, and Tylar advanced to the finals tonight! YEAH! She gets to perform again. We are all so excited. We'll see how she does, and post to later.
Anyway, after the competition Tylar went to Thayne and asked for his signature and a picture. It was so ecxiting, maybe more for me then her, but it was still cool! Way to go Ty, and good luck tonight! You are MY Dancing Queen! XOXO

Tylar with Thayne Jasperson from SYTYCD!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Many of you know that I am a very competitive person. And when I watch sports on tv its no different. I yell at the tv, yell at the refs when a bad call is made, and cheer when good play is made. Well, Sunday is the Superbowl. I love watching sports on tv, just about any sports...Jazz basketball, NFL football, some college football. Anyway, since none of my favorite teams are in the Superbowl, I will be cheering for the Steelers!

So, Sunday, ...GO STEELERS!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boys are better than girls, no girls are better than boys!

So sunday JD took the kids to the field by our house and went sledding behind the fourwheeler. My kids got into a duscussion and it went like this...
Tylar: Do you know the worlds smartest person is a girl.
Braydon: No its not, it a boy.
Ty: Nope, its a girl.
Bray: No. Its a boy. Well, did you know the worlds strongest person is a boy!
Ty: Did you know the worlds ugliest person is a boy!

That ended the conversation right there. Braydon didn't have a comeback and JD was laughing so hard. They told me this story later that night and I laughed too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Much thanks!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday! I am truly blessed with wonderful people in my life.
I jut want to make you aware that yesterday was the last birthday I am going to have. I will NOT be turning thirty...EVER. I am going to hold at 29 forever. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Twilight DVD cover

Here is the DVD cover for Twilight! It comes out March 21st!!! I can't wait!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ty's performance at UVU

Tylar had the opportunity of performing with her gymnastics company at a UVU basketball halftime. They were so cute. Here are a couple of pics. I am going to try and figure out how to post the video. If you know how to do it, let me know. Thanks!

Some tunes