Friday, May 30, 2008

Our year-end party

We had our year end party last night, and I thought it went well! A lost of people showed up, which is good, except for the fact that we ran out of pizza and drinks. I was so worried about that! Well, at least it was not until it was almost time to go.
One of my awesome parents took photos for me because I can't while I am teaching during competitions or recitals, and this one picture is absolutely B-E-A-utiful! it brought tears to my eyes. What do you think?

It is just so touching. She does such a wonderful job! There are tons of pics of all the classes on her website. Check it out at then in the search type in "divas dance" and it will pull them up. You can order them right from her.

Anyway, I am kinda sad that classes are over, but I am definitely ready for a break. I will get through SOF and then start planning next years dances.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Honest, a hard lesson!

Today JD and I went to the bank, I to make a deposit and he was cashing a few checks. Tylar decided that she had to go potty (and the bank we were at did not have a potty available), so I figured that I would take her over to Petsmart really quick, since I had to buy rabbit food anyway, and she could use the bathroom there. So after my transaction was done I quickly took her and walked her over there. We were in the bathroom when JD called, Ty answered and told him we were in the bathroom and that we would meet him out on the rabbit isle.
So we walked out after we finished washing our hands and JD had this look on his know one of those weird looks. He said, "Um, I think we have a little problem. When I cashed my checks, I had only about four or five hundred to cash, but look!..." He then fanned out around twenty one-hundred dollar bills in my face. I said, "Yeah, it looks like we will be going back to the bank!"
We then walked back over to the back and told them of their mistake. The teller had accidentally put an 8 in place of a 0, and that's how we ended up with $1,700 MORE than we should have!!!
Sometimes (when it pays big like this) is when I would not like to have values such as honest. Although we did feel better after we took it back. And besides, that poor teller could have lost her job over it, or she might have had it taken out of her pay!
So, I am posing this question....
If this would have happened to you, would you have returned the money, or gone and played with it?!? Now, be honest.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring Recital

Our Spring Recital is today!
It is kind of a bitter sweet thing. I am excited (and definitely NEED a break) but I really miss it when I am not teaching!
I really grow to love the girls and miss them when I am not around them. I definitely look forward to Deptember when we start classes again.
Here's the details about the recital:
It is at 6 p.m. at the Lehi Legacy Center and it is free for everyone! I really hope lots of people come. It is so much fun for the girls to dance for friends and family.
Hope to see you all there!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008 it is!!!

If you are a Twilight Junkie (like me!) here is trailer for the movie! You have to copy and past, it won't let you just click on it.

I have really mixed feelings about the cast. You know when you read a book, and you really put yourself in the book and you picture the characters a certain way...(now come on, we ALL did it!!!) Then when those books are made into movies or tv shows, we have a REALLY high expectation of those characters. Well, I am REALLY disappointed with the people chosen to play the Cullens. They are supposed to be the eternal beauty, the pure essence of beauty, and none of them are actually beautiful. (Emmett is the only kind-of exception. He is kinda good looking.) It is almost to the point that I don't even want to see the movie! UGH!
I will probably still end up seeing it (curiosity have killed the cat, and it will probably get me to the midnight showing of Twilight!) Well, let me know what you think! If you are a Twilighter, then let me know your feelings.

The fourth competition went WELL!

Sorry it took so long to post this. I have been really busy, and it doesn't really seem like it has been over a week, but I guess it has. Here are the standings from our last competition in Syracuse...

Tiny's A "Be Like Me" - 1st place!
Tiny's B "Baby Face" - 1st place!
Tiny's C "Super..." - 3rd place
Tiny's Combo "After it Rains" - 2nd place
Mini's "Material Girl" - 4th
Mini's "Twinkle,Twinkle" - 3rd place
Express "Up, up, up" - 4th place
Express "Candle on the Water" - 2nd place
Juniors "Bird and the Worm" - 3rd place
Juniors "My Antonia" - 3rd place
Seniors "Professional Widow" - 3rd place
Seniors "Pictures of You" - 1st place (Gold Ranking)
Mama's "Love Stoned" - 1st place (Gold Ranking)
Mama's "Sorta Fairytale" - 1st place (Gold Ranking)

I am so proud of these girls! They have worked sooo hard! I couldn't have been happier.
Our last performance of the season is coming up on the 23rd of May. It is our Spring Recital at the Legacy Center in Lehi (123 N. Center) at 6 p.m. I hope to see you all there. It is a free concert, so please join us to see what we have done this year. YEAH! I will be back soon to post more stuff.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The fourth!

Our final competition is this weekend in Syracuse. It is going to be a CRAZY one. The mom's are dancing too! ARGH! We are trying to fit around 14 dances in under three hours. I know that doesn't sound like a lot...but it IS! Oh well...I wish all my girls luck and HAPPY DANCING! I'll let you know how it goes.
Also, we are having our Spring Recital on the 23rd of May at the Legacy Center from 6:15 - 7:30 p.m. There is not cost to attend, so I would love to see you all there...and your family too! YEAH!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Braydon's first motocross race

I don't know why I let him do it...maybe its because I don't want him to come to me in a few years and say "You never let me do anything I wanted to. Why didn't you let me race!?" Or maybe its because I really don't have a choice because JD wants to race. Or maybe because secretly, in a way, I think it is kinda cool. Whatever the reason, I let him race motocross. His first race was last Friday night. Unfortunatly I couldn't be there, I was with Tylar at dance. I really wanted to see him.
He came out unharmed! (And for those wondering...JD did too. No broken bones this time!) I was really worried all night. He called me after both moto's (which are basically heat races) and told me about how he was doing. He sounded so excited. Then, as I was on the phone with my mom giving her play-by-play updates of the Jazz game (GO JAZZ, btw) a person that we know, and actually one of my dancers' (Breedh Bringhurst from the Seniors) brothers had a terrible wreck. We found out that he broke his back! He was hauled off in an ambulance. ALL I could think about was "that could be my boy!" I got really nervous because Braydon had one more race to go. I was sick to my stomach for the whole thing, as I listened to the play-by-play on the phone from my mom. As he crossed the finish line for his last race (he came in 5th on his first race and last on his last race), he shook his head because he knew he came in last. I on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief that he crossed OK.
I know it is my responsibility to keep my children safe, but where does the line end? Do I let him continue racing, knowing of the terrible possibilities, or do I say NO MORE racing to keep him safe? I am really struggling with this.
I know he could get hit by a car walking across the street and be seriously hurt, but this is a dangerous sport! I am knowingly putting him in harm's way. Should I just get that thought out of my head and just let him race more for the fun than the competitive side?
Well, I guess really only time will tell. I did tell him that if he were to get seriously hurt riding, that we would not be able to play baseball this season. Maybe that helped him ride a little more conservatively, and then again maybe not.

The third!

Three down...two more to go!!!
Well, our third competition happened this last weekend. Tylar did her solo and she won Queen!!! YEAH! She did so good. She even remembered the changes we made only a few days earlier. I was so proud of her. The trophy she won was as big as her! She also got a beautiful tiara. She was very excited and has talked about it all weekend.
Talia (Express) performed amongst controversy and received third place! She really did so well. She also remembered all the changes we made to her dance just a week before. Kylie (Seniors) received Queen in a very close race. She danced very well, and remembered her changes. We even made changes just a few minutes before she went on to dance! Way to go Kylie! Breedh and Kelsey (Seniors) did their duet. This is the first time ever dong it, and they did so well. You could tell they were nervous and really thinking about their dance, but danced great. We are going to keep working on it for next week.
The team competition happened Saturday. I am so proud of all my dancers. Here are the standings from the competitions:
* Tiny's A "Be Like Me" - 2nd place
* Tiny's B "Baby face" - 1st place!
* Tiny's C "Super..." - 3rd place
* Tiny's Combo "After it Rains" - 2nd place
* Mini's "Material Girl" - 3rd place
* Mini's "Twinkle, Twinkle" - 1st place!
* Express "Up, up, up" - 4th place
* Express "Candle on the Water" - 4th place
* Juniors "Bird and the Worm" - 4th place
* Juniors "My Antonia" - 2nd place
* Seniors "Professional Widow" - 3rd place
* Seniors "Pictures of You" - 3rd place
* Hip Hop "The Way I Are" - 1st palce!
There was a little bit on controversy with the hip hop. They inputed the numbers wrong under our name and gave another team our scores, so when they announced our team got 22nd place we were shocked! To say the least. I just didn't think that could be right, so as I was sitting in the Hpgi Yogi drive thru (for 25 minutes, none the less. 10 of that was at the window just waiting for an Oreo shake and a small Sprite!) I decided to take this time and start looking over our judging sheets. I looked over our points and realized they had wrongly inputed the scores. Once I finally got out of the drive thru and drove back to the school and showed the competition director the mistake. (Luckily she was still there by the way!) She was VERY apologetic and immediately gave me a 1st place sticker to put on our plaque. She told me to tell my girls she was sorry, and knows that cannot make up for it now being announced right at the competition. I knew the girls had done better than that. I am glad I looked!!!
Anywa, I am VERY pleased with everyone! We all tried our hardest and it showed. I can't wait for next week. It is going to be very busy and the mom's are dancing too! It is at Syracuse High School. I will definitely keep you posted.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dance this weekend

Well, our third dance competition is this weekend. Tylar has her solo on Firday, as well as a few others from my studio. Then we have our team competition on Saturday. I am way excited! It is as Spanish Fork High School. Tylar's solo is around 4:30 p.m. and her team competition is around 11:00 a.m. and noon on Saturday. I will fill in more about how we did this weekend. GOOD LUCK LADIES!

Some tunes