Monday, April 27, 2009

Warning...some of you may get offended...just a warning! Braydon's first fist fight

Ok, while I do have things to blog about, like our trip to San Francisco, I have a quick minute to tell you about something very crazy that happened on Friday. I was at Bunko enjoying my evening (eventhough I didn't win a big prize) when I looked at my phone and I had a new text message. I decieded to check it. It was JD and the text read, "Braydon just got in his first fist fight". I started panicing. I called JD immediately to find out if everything was ok. He then told me that Braydon had fought a set of triplets that live across the street and another neighbor bnoy, Braxton. I asked if Braydon was ok and when I found out he was I told him I was going to leave and come home to get the rest of the story.
Here's where some of you might get offended...and if you continue to read, please remember that this is my opinion. If you have another opinion of the people mentioned, that's your opinion.
There is a set of triplet boys that moved into a house across the street last summer. For some reason, unknown to us, those don't like Braydon. He tried from the beginning to invite them over, and at first they would come play, but quickly, like within the month they moved in, we started having problems with these boys, They told the other kids on our street not to play with Braydon. Braxton listened, but Brennen didn't Brennen even told them that he would rather be friends with Braydon than them, and that they shouldn't be like that to Braydon. They also told the kids in his primary class and scouts group not to be his friend. (Remember, Braydon does not remember doing or saying anything to these boys to deserve this.) So, alliances here formed on our block and it became apparent who Braydon could hang out with. (Although, if the triplets aren't home, Braxton will come over and play with Braydon and Brennen.) It has been a very hard winter for Braydon. These 4 boys (the triplets and Braxton) have really picked on Braydon. They have even thrown snowballs at my car as I drive by. So, now as the weather is getting warmer the kids are playing outside more. Well, a couple of months ago, while I was teaching dance, I had the windows open and all of a sudden there is a outburst of yelling my backyard. It is the 4 boys yelling at Braydon and Tylar. It was acutally a misunderstanding that they never apologized for. What happened is the triplets little sister went home to go potty and the triplets thought that my kids told her to go home. So they came over just screaming at my kids. When their sister came back over and they saw that she was playing, they just took off and never apologized. My kids' feelings were hurt terribly becuase they called some really mean names and said some really mean things. So, that night after dance I got on the phone to all the families involved to ask if they would have a neighborhood meeting. The only one that agreed was Brennen's mom (Braydon's friend). She thought things wre getting bad too. Braxton's mom did not think there was any sort of a problem and that "kids are just going to be kids". I finally got a hold of the triplets mom and went over and talked with her. Her excuse for the triplets being mean was, "they have always just had each other, so I guess they don't really know how to get along." REALLY!? Is that your excuse? How many times have you practiced that one? I was soo mad. I even asked one of the triplets what Braydon had ever done to them to deserve this type of treatment, and he had no answer. So, I just advised Braydon to nt hang out with them. That simple. So, basically becuase it is not happening to their kids, its not a big deal.
That brings us to Friday night...
Here's the story I got fro Braydon and Jaren (my friends son that witnessed it...):
Braydon, Jaren, Braxton and the triplets were playing dodgeball at Braxtons house. Everything was going ok and then Braxton's dad went into the house. The teams are now made of Braydon and Jaren against the other 4. Fair??? Anyway, one of the triplets threw the ball hard at Braydon and pegged him in the side (which he had a welt from). Braydon picked up the ball and tossed it back. Just as he did that one of the triplets ran right in front of the ball and got out. He was so mad that he turned and rat a Braydon with his fists flying. Braydon saw him and grabbed his hand and threw him down. That made the rest of them mad. The other two triplets joined in and started punching Braydon. So, Braydon fought back. He started punching too. Braxton eventually got in on it. WIthin a few seconds, Braydon had single-handedly beat up the 4 of them. They all went home with either bloody noses, fat lips, or holding their stomaches.
Braydon did get a bloody nose too and a swolen lip. Now, I don't condone fighting, in anyway, but I do support defending yourself. I have told my kids that they had better NEVER throw the first punch, but they had better finish the fight!
I have now told Braydon to stay away from these boys. Really, if there were to plan an attack and rush him without him realizing it, they could do some damage I'm afraid. This is not right to live in a neighborhood full of bullies. My children are at risk everyday. I have also had a problem with Braxton's mom. One day the triplets and Braxton and her 2 daughters were being mean to Tylar and she came home crying. One of the triplets called her a ball baby and she agreed! Braydon heard it! So, instead of stopping these kids and telling them its NOT ok to do this, she was totally condoning it. I HATE IT! I will not live in a pkace that i feel is not safe for my kids, and I do not feel safe anymore.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shoe issues!

Ok, so I have some serious issues, as many of you know. I am addicted to a few things...purses, jewelry and ......SHOES! Just to let you know how bad this obsession is, I have bought myself 6 pairs of shoes, Tylar 4 pairs of shoes, and Braydon 1 pair of shoes....ALL within the last week! (11 pairs of shoes!!!!) I know what you are thinking...actually, maybe not. I *LOVE* shoes! So to me, it wasn't a big deal, unti I started to add them up. In my defense, two pairs for Ty I bought in San Francisco so those didn't really count, and the two others for her were flip flops, so they don't count either. I can't really account for Braydon's other than I had bouth Ty so many that I had to buy him one, and besides I got my new white pumps (shown above) 1/2 when I bought his so its only logical! For the rest of the shoes...they are London Undergrounds (LU). They are some of the MOST comfortable shoes! Really, I know they don't look it, but until you try them on, you won't believe it. I got a call from a friend (THX BROOKE!) that a whole batchof LU's were on ebasy, so there I go...over to ebay. Sure enough, there they were. Now, please note that LU's are not even in production anymore so when you find them they are a MUST BUY! So, I did. I bought several colors and styles. ALso, the thing that makes then so great is that in the day, these shoes cost $120, and I got them for $20 each! So really, I got 5 pairs for the price of 1! I AM AWESOME! Now, you will notice that most of the shoes pictured below look alike, well, that means that basically I only bought really 1 pair of shoes. So when we add it like that...I only bought 4 pairs! Phew I feel muchbetter about my purchases.

These are my new shoes. :) <3XOXOXOXOXO!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The garbage man did what?!?

Ok, so JD, the kids, and I were just leaving the house when we saw the garbage man getting back into his garbage truck. JD walked over to our garbage cans becuase the yard waste can was turned toward the house. The garbage man told JD that he would NOT (in a very rude voice) empty that can because it had more than just green waste. So JD opened the lid and found there was a ball of masking tape and an empty paint can in the bin. He apologized and took it out of the can. He then asked the garbage man if he would quickly empty the can. The garbage man said NO! So JD just turned his back on the garbage man and started bringing in the cans from the street. I walked over to him and noticed THIS written on our garbage can!

NO, I am NOT kidding and I DID NOT do this myself. The garbage man had gotten out of his truck and wrote on my can. I was sooo mad! Then I asked myself, "How did he even know what was in my can?" I have no idea, but I guess somehow he looked in it and saw the few things in there and wouldn't dump it. We didn't even know that it was in there. We had a painter over painting (obviously) my dance props and when he asked me what garbage can to drop the stuff in, I said the green one, not even thinking.
So, to wrap the story up, I ended up taking this picture and then called the Waste Mansgement company and filed a complaint! I couldn't believe it! I don't know what will happen, if anything, but you just don't get out and write on someones garbage can! UGH! Don't upset your garbage man, or else...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Braydon!

I can't hardly believe that my little boy is 11! Yester day was his birthday. He is such a joy in our lives. 11 reasons why I love Braydon...

1. He's kind

2. He's loving

3. He's tender hearted

4. He's obedient (most of the time)

5. He cares about others and their feelings

6. He's helpful

7. He's protective of his sister

8. He is athletic and loves sports

9. He thinks of others and their needs

10. He's fun to be around

11. He's MINE!

Braydon at 3 months

Braydon at 9 months

Braydon on Saturday

Braydon opening his Bday presents

He got a new Nerf gun from his sister and nerf "bullets", he also got a new ipod and tickets to the Supercross in a few weeks. He also got baseball stuff from his aunt Katrina and a basketball and shirts from his Uncle Kevin and aunt Rachel. His Grandma is going to take him out for a "date" and get him what he wants. It was such a fun day. He got to see his uncle Kevin in Cedar City too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDON! We love you so much! XOXOXO

Saturday, April 4, 2009

One of these days...

Ok, I know I am TOTALLY behind on blogging (Thanks, Mom, for pointing that out)! It is my goal tomorrow to really work on it. I finally found and ordered and received a new software cd so I can *hopefully* put some vidoes on my blog. I also have a camera full of photos from various things I need to put on here. So, fair warning, next time you check back, you may be overwhelmed with a plethera of Olsen info. At least...that's the plan.

Some tunes