Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its HOW much?

So about 12 days ago, my car flashed a message at my on my display that said "Servive B now due". I just let it go and at about 5 days past, it was still dinging at me reminding me every time I turned on the car that it was overdue. So I decided to call the Mercedes dealership and ask what the service B was. They told me it was an oil change plus they changed a few things like the air filter and such. I didn't think that was too big a deal and didn't make an appointment. So today, while running (actually driving) my errands it dinged at me again. So I dialed the Mercedes store again and asked when I could bring it in for service. They said anytime this week would sbe fine. I asked how much it was and she replied, "Service B is $489.95 before tax." WHAT!?! It is how much for an oil change. NO you did not read that wrong, and I did not type it wrong...that is what she said. I had better be getting a massage and pedicure for that price. I could not believe it. So , I guess the oil change will have to wait, I'll be saving my pennies for a LONG TIME! (Now taking donations...Andrea's Very Expensive Oil Change Fund!) :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Competition results for May 9th!

OK, I could NOT even wait to post these...another FABULOUS day at competitions! I am so proud of ALL my ladies. You did great!
Tiny's A - Hot, hot, hot - 1st place
Tiny's B - Under the Sea - 2nd place
Tiny's C - Girls Just Wanna - 2nd place
Tiny's Combo - 4th place
Mini's A - Pumpin up the Party - 1st place
Mini's B - Route 66 - 2nd place
Mini's Combo - 2nd place
Express - Let's dance - 3rd place
Express - Ready, Set, Don't Go - 5th place
Juniors - Mercy - 1st place
Juniors - We belong - 3rd place
Seniors - Dance, Dance - 1st place
Seniors - Dancing Dirt into the Snow - 3rd place
Junior Hip Hop - Lip Gloss - 2nd place
Senior Hip Hop - 1st place
Mama's - Please Dont' Stop the Music - 1 place (Gold ranking)
Mama's - Behind the Wall - 1st place (Gold ranking)
SHOW - 2nd place
We also received the Best Showmanship award for Jr. Hip Hop - Lip Gloss!'s a funny story!So I decided to stay and watch a few dances with Tylar and my mom. (I could spent the day at competitions! I love them!) Anyway, so a few dances turned into the rest of the competition. We were getting ready to pack up and leave and I decided I wanted to stay for awards. So we stayed and listened. At the end of awards they give out their "specialty" awards. They had gived all those out and they announced they had two more awards. So we just hung out. They anounced Director of the Year and we clapped. Then they announced Studio of the Year to...DIVA'S DANCE STUDIO! That's right ladies. We received the Studio of the Year award! We brought the most dances, and so we got this very high award. I am sooooo pleased. We were both in shock. Not expecting anything else, we had only stayed to listen and to watch. Well, I am sooo glad we did. I am so happy with how this season has turned out! Congrats ladies, and thanks for the wonderful season!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our competition this weekend!

Wr totally rocked this weekend! I am so proud of my girls. Here's a listing of the places we got this weekend:
Solos/Duets on Friday:
Madison Taylor - 1st Attendant
Tylar Olsen - Queen
Kylie Bale and Shalie Jenkins - Queen

Team competition on Saturday:
Show: 4th place
Tiny's A - Hot, Hot, Hot: 2nd place
Tiny's B - Under the Sea: 2nd place
Tiny's C - Girls just Wanna: 3rd place
Tiny's Combo - One dance: 1st place AND Overall Beginning High Point!
Mini's A - Pumpin up the Party: 3rd place
Mini's B - Route 66: 2nd place
Mini's Combo - Breaking Free: 2nd place
Express - Let's Dance: 1st place
Express - Ready, Set, Don't Go: 4th place
Juniors - Mercy: 3rd place
Juniors - We Belong: 3rd place
Seniors - Dance, Dance: 2nd place
Senios - Dancing Dirt into the Snow: 1st place
Junior Hip Hop - Lip Gloss: 2nd place
Senior Hip Hop - Like A Boy: 1st place

We also received the Sportsmanship award! WAHOO!!!
Now, onto next week...........

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