Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boys are better than girls, no girls are better than boys!

So sunday JD took the kids to the field by our house and went sledding behind the fourwheeler. My kids got into a duscussion and it went like this...
Tylar: Do you know the worlds smartest person is a girl.
Braydon: No its not, it a boy.
Ty: Nope, its a girl.
Bray: No. Its a boy. Well, did you know the worlds strongest person is a boy!
Ty: Did you know the worlds ugliest person is a boy!

That ended the conversation right there. Braydon didn't have a comeback and JD was laughing so hard. They told me this story later that night and I laughed too.


Jonie said...

Tylar is quick, and right what more is there to say.

Amy Jones said...

I need to remember to avoid drinking beverages when reading stories about your little girl...I almost snorted some serious Diet Coke out of my nose. That girl is HILARIOUS! (And probably right...) :)

Aubri n Scott said...

that is GREAT! She is a smart girl you know?

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