Monday, April 20, 2009

Shoe issues!

Ok, so I have some serious issues, as many of you know. I am addicted to a few things...purses, jewelry and ......SHOES! Just to let you know how bad this obsession is, I have bought myself 6 pairs of shoes, Tylar 4 pairs of shoes, and Braydon 1 pair of shoes....ALL within the last week! (11 pairs of shoes!!!!) I know what you are thinking...actually, maybe not. I *LOVE* shoes! So to me, it wasn't a big deal, unti I started to add them up. In my defense, two pairs for Ty I bought in San Francisco so those didn't really count, and the two others for her were flip flops, so they don't count either. I can't really account for Braydon's other than I had bouth Ty so many that I had to buy him one, and besides I got my new white pumps (shown above) 1/2 when I bought his so its only logical! For the rest of the shoes...they are London Undergrounds (LU). They are some of the MOST comfortable shoes! Really, I know they don't look it, but until you try them on, you won't believe it. I got a call from a friend (THX BROOKE!) that a whole batchof LU's were on ebasy, so there I go...over to ebay. Sure enough, there they were. Now, please note that LU's are not even in production anymore so when you find them they are a MUST BUY! So, I did. I bought several colors and styles. ALso, the thing that makes then so great is that in the day, these shoes cost $120, and I got them for $20 each! So really, I got 5 pairs for the price of 1! I AM AWESOME! Now, you will notice that most of the shoes pictured below look alike, well, that means that basically I only bought really 1 pair of shoes. So when we add it like that...I only bought 4 pairs! Phew I feel muchbetter about my purchases.

These are my new shoes. :) <3XOXOXOXOXO!!!

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