Sunday, November 15, 2009

My baby's 7!

My little, but not-so-little girl just turned 7! I know, that makes feel so very old, but how do you stop the aging process? I tried...all week I tried! I asked her every day to just stay 6, or even turn back to 5, but she wasn't having it. She even promised me that no matter how old she got, she would always stay my baby. We'll see how long that really lasts...
For Tylar, a birthday is not just a birthday, it was more like a birthmonth! We started the countdown around Halloween. (Yes, I know, I know, no Halloween post...I'll get to that later! One thing at a time.) Every morning she would count the calendar just to make sure it was one day closer, and it turned out it was. Then the week of her birthday...
She had quite the list of demands...breakfast in bed, balloons to fill her room, her brother to do ALL her chores (she even changed the name on the calendar from hers to Braydon's to change the cat's litter box), she wanted a pedicure and manicure, and then the list of presents...well, here's how the day went.
I woke up at 7 on a SATURDAY so I could shower and get ready before she woke up so I could get her breakfast in bed, she wanted eggs, sausage and toast. When I got out of the shower, she was already in MY bed, awake and hanging out. So, breakfast in bed didn't happen, BUT we did have breakfast as a fmaily. JD stayed home from work in the morning so we could have breakfast together. That was nice. We decided to give Tylar her big present, her bike. So JD went and grabbed it from the truck where it had been hiding all week and brought it into the house. She was so excited and went and got dressed right away to ride it. Yes, the pic you see below she is NOT wearing her helmet. She was so excited that she "forgot", but we reminded her and she put it on for the rest of her ride. While she was riding she would ride past JD and I and yell "You're the BEST parents EVER!" That made it all worth it!

JD then had to go to work for a little bit. We had pedicure appointments in Orem at our favorite little salon...Bonny Nails. My sister and I just got the pedicures, but Tylar and my mom got both the pedicures and manicures. More like they just painted her fingernails, but she was in girlie heaven! We then went over to my mom's for a little bit and she opened Aunt Katrina's gift, since she couldn't be to the party that night. She got a crayon maker!

We went home to get ready for the family party. My kids have a party every year, but they alternate between a family party and friend party. On their even birthday years they get a friend party, and the odd year they get only a family party. This year was the family party. So, she wanted spaghetti for dinner and a GIANT cupcake for her cake. I got to work baking the cake and making dinner. For 2 1/2 hours I worked in the kitchen working to make the food for her party. BAD planning on my part. I didn't have time to let her cake cool completely before I took it out of the pan fell apart! You can't see it in the photo, I took a picture of the good side! But the whole other side of the cake slid off and was sitting on the plate! :( Tylar made me feel better and said, "Well, at least you tried mom, but next year, we had better let Grandma make the cake." How nice of her! So, Grandma and Grandpa, JD, and JD's parents, Larry and Connie came over for dinner and presents. What a spoiled little girl!!

She got 3 movies, 2 very cute belts, a CD and ipod player combo, a stroller for her play baby, books (she loves to read!), money, blendy pens, pixos, 2 pairs of Oobies and a blanket that matches one of her Oobies. I really htink the oobies are her fave. This is a picture of her with her Oobies!! She's trying to say "oobies" but it turned out "boobies" the first few times. We had a good laugh about that.
All in all, a GREAT day, but so glad that birthday's only come once a year.
Since she's 7 - here are 7 reasons why I love Tylar:
1. She is girlie. I love having a girlie-girl!!
2. She loves to dance, and wants to be like me when she grows up.
3. She is funny! You never know will come out of her mouth!
4. She is beautiful.
5. She is caring, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.
6. She is daring. She always wants to try new things, and usually with little to no fear.
7. She is MINE! She has her moments, and her little quirks, but she is mine.

I love you Tylar! You mean so very much to me. Happy birthday!


Jonie said...

What a fun day, love your top 7 reasons...

Mark and Stacey Roylance said...

how sweet! I happen to love that little Tylar too...and so does Sky so i think we are WAY over due on a play date! Give me a few weeks to hopefully get over this sickness they call pregnancy and lets do something fun!

Doc said...

Sounds like a great day !

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