Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our four-wheeling fun!

Last Wednesday my brother, Kevin, came up from Cedar City. So we decided to take Braydon from school for that day and all go out and go riding four-wheelers. It was cold, but we had fun!

This is the whole family...Kevin, Me with Braydon, Tylar on her own wheeler, JD (the empty wheeler because he was taking the picture), and Dad on his new wheeler.

Tylar and me on the King Quad. She is such a poser, even with her helmet on. Kevin is in the background.

Braydon on his new wheeler, with Grandpa in the background...completely unaware there was a picture being taken.

We love to go out riding. I can't wait until the weather turns warmer. It is a LOT more fun to go when it is warmer.

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