Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our dance competition yesterday...

So yesterday we had our first dance competition. Not all our teams came because of our costume problems, but we had a few teams go. Here are the results from yesterday...
Our Juniors (ages 10 - 13 years) competed with their jazz routine, "Bird and the Worm". There were five in their category and we took 4th place! There are a few great comments by the judges so that we can work this week to get a little better for next week. The major comment was their formations and not to watch each other.
The Mama's (adults) competed with both of our dances. We didn't have anyone else in either of our categories, and since we didn't we tried to just see how high of points we could actually get. Our jazz, "Love Stoned", took Platinum 1st place (which I think means over 285 points)! Our lyrical, "Sorta Fairytale", took Gold 1st place (which means over 280 points). I am just guessing that's what it means. I am going to email the director of the competition to find out exactly what it means though.
Our Seniors (ages 14 - 18 years) competed with their jazz routine, "Professional Widow". There were only two in their category and we took second. I think we should have taken first, but oh well. We know what to work on for next week, so hopefully we can do better! We were only behind by 3 points. So it was really close!
Our Hip Hop class (Jrs and Srs combined) competed with "The Way I Are". There were four in our category and we took FIRST! YEAH! It was sooo exciting. We were so happy and excited and everything else! We just couldn't believe it. We have worked hard and it paid off! There are a few things we need to work on for next week, but it was great!
I am so happy with how everyone did! We all worked so hard, but its not over yet. We have got to continue to work to get even better! I really hope that this Saturday we can bring home more 1sts!
Our next competition will be this Saturday, the 12th of April at 8 a.m. at Clearfield High School! WOW, its early, but we will do great! ALL teams (except Mama's) will be performing. It will be very busy, but I can't wait. This is sooo much fun! Good luck Ladies! I am so proud of you.
Love ya...

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Moreau's said...

Thanks again for getting all of us old ladies at there dancing! It was such a fun experience! You are the best!

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