Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's over

Kind of a bitter sweet ending...I finished Breaking Dawn. I tried not to read it in mearly a day or so, so I made myself space it out to truely enjoy it. Well, I DID enjoy it. I know there are a lot of dissappointed readers, but why? I figure that they are only dissappointed because they had their own ending worked out and if it didn't fit to that, they of course they would be dissappointed.
I did not have a preconceived ending to the saga. I read it and enjoiyed how it played out. I only wished at this point to see a demise of the Volturi, and to see what happens between Jacob and Nessie, and to see how the relationship between the Cullens and Charlie pan out. A lot of break-offs left open, only to hope that Stephenie fills this open holes. I know there is a book coming out from Edwards perspective, but it would be fun to see how the rest plays out.
I am not disappointed in any way with the story. In fact, I truely love it. What a fantastic journey, as a reader, that we went on. WOW! If only...right??? LOL
So, for now I will be content with the end of this story. Next step...the movie. I am a little skeptical, though, with the choice of Edward. I only hope he does the part justice. So, December 12th is the next big day. Did you like the book? Answer the poll and leave a message.


Aubri & Scott said...

I love you Andrea! You are so great!! I haven't read any of the books but I love hearing about them from you!

Hopefam said...

I finally finished- it was awsome!! I am anticipating the movie now- Can't wait!!

Natelli Johnston said...

Loved IT! I am with you, I don't understand how people don't like it, it was so exciting and I thought SM did a great job and hope she will write more in the future!

Moreau's said...

I still have to read number three! So I am a little behind everyone! I agree about the choice for edward. I hope he does it justice. I love your blog, Tyler says the funniest things! the chicken pox/mosquito bites--hilarious! Can't wait for dance!

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