Monday, September 29, 2008

Smoothies with Thurl Bailey

I am a smoothie junkie! I go to Roxberry Smoothies about 4 - 5 times a week. So this Saturday while running errands, and before I decided to tackle Costco, I wanted a smoothie. So my mom and I went into Roxberry and there sat Thurl Bailey.
I am sure I had a look on my face that said, "OMG! I totally know who you are!" But I politely said "HI." He said hi back and I ordered my smoothie. As we waited it was hard to not just sit and stare He was there with his wife and three kids. It was really cool to see him interact like he is just a regular person. I so badly wanted to ask for his autograph, or even a pic with him, but I am sure he just wants to hang out like a regular person. So, instead I just took in his star status from a table next to him and tried not to stare. It was really cool, though.

This is not the first time I have run into him. Last year he was at the UPS store on Main Street here in Lehi. I went into make some copies and there he was. Tylar thought it was really cool. He recognised him from the Jazz games immediately. Unforutantely, Braydon was having one of his pre-teen tantrums and didn't want to come in, so he was sitting in tha car and missed seeing him in person. He saw him only for a brief second as he got into his truck. So, we have a celebrity living among us. Actually, I know he lives in Alpine, but its cool to see him around! So, next time you're out and around, look for your local celebrity!

If you don't know who Thurl Bailey is, he is a retired NBA player that played with the Utah Jazz for many years. He now does the commentory for the games.


Jonie said...

that is awesome. I hear that he is a great guy. I agree that it is nice to see them in an everyday setting enjoying his family.

Aubri n Scott said...

I love him by the way! Very good guy! Does he live around here?

Moreau's said...

Cool! But did you know that you are a celebrity in our house! Oh yes, Miss Andrea, you are a star! Hey if you like smoothies, check out my post on Spinach Smoothies, I think it was back in February of this year. You have got to try it, I must say it's delicious!

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