Monday, September 1, 2008

IS anyone else irritated?!?

I am so mad right now about the whole Midnight Sun (MS) thing! If you don't know what's going on with it, here is a run down...
Basically Stephenie gave out a few rough copies of MS. Then "accidentally" one was leaked. DUH! If you give someone not authorised to handle the sopies, what did you think was gong to happen? SO now, she's got her feelings hurt and says she's postponing finishing MS "Indefinitely". WHAT?!? What is that supposed to mean!?! I think she is just being immature and selfish. If JK Rowling stopped writing Harry Potter everytime it was leaked or something, then the series would have never made it past the second book. For heaven's sake...someone tried to finish the Potter series for JK Rowling. That didn't stop her.
I understand if Stephenie wants to take a break from writing, that's fine. But don't say that you are so hurt about it. Its what happens, so get over it! I am afraid she might lose some fans over this. And its not like it's going to be that hard to write. We already know how Twilight ends...I mean come on!
Well, I wasn't going to read it when I found out about the leak, but now that she is having a tizzy, I think I will find it on the internet and read there!!!


Aubri n Scott said...

Andrea you crack me up! I love ya! YOU GO GIRL!

Natelli Johnston said...

I am mad too! I have not read it yet on the net, but I think I will.

Hopefam said...

She has it posted on her website for everyone to read. A while ago I read the first chapter that she had posted - it was really good I am disappointed that she is not going to finish it as I think it would be a great addition to the series- I do understand that she is mad and feeling betrayed but come on be a grown up about it and move on that is what happens when you are writing something everyone is dying to read!!

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