Friday, February 27, 2009

25 random things.

I was tagged on Facebook, but I figured I'd post it here too...

1. I love the smell of a skunk.
2. I collect stamps, not postage stamps, rubber stamps. I have over 200 SETS of stamps.
3. I love changing my hair color. I can't leave it alone.
4. I am obsessed with shoes. Normal people buy a t-shirt when on vacation, I bring home a new pair of shoes!
5. I teach dance, and I love it!
6. I am close to my family.
7. I have OCD, but it strikes in waves. For example, the hangers in my house used to be a variety of colors, and then one day I walked into my closet and looked and noticed all the different colors and it was suddenly and neccesity to have all the hangers in my house white,. So I ran to the store right then and bought all white hangers and went through my house and changed them all.
8.I can pinch with my toes...HARD! I leave bruises.
9. I am always cold.1
0. I prefer 100 degree weather than 70 degrees. I love heat!
11. I am a huge fan of the Utah Jazz!
12. I love shopping. Not just for myself, but for others too! I just love to shop!!!
13. I talk in my sleep.
14. I love writing...stories, poems, paper...When I was in high school, I used to make a little $$ by writing papers for college students.
15. I have many friends, but only a very few "true friends"
16. I have 4 pets: 1 dog - Pica, 1 cat - Smores, 1 fish - Grumpy gills, 1 rabbit - Spice
17. I wear a lot of black clothes, not intentionally, but it just happens.
18. I have two of the BESTest kids in the world, Braydon - 10, Tylar - 6
19. I am the sports watcher in our house. Many houses its the husband who monopolizes the tv with sports, but it me! I love watching the pro-sports.
20. I love music. I have a radio in the shower, in my room, while on the computer, in the car...EVERYWHERE! I just love listening to music, and pretty much all kinds.
21. I hate the feel of paper. It gives me chills.
22. I won't eat a popsicle that is on a wooden stick, unless I can wrap a piece of plastic or something around it. The texture of the wood makes me gag.
23. There are certain towels that I won't use becuase of the feel of them on my wet skin. I have to test the towels before I buy them by getting my fingers wet and then touching the towel.
24. I change my hand writing constantly. I have never liked it, so I am constantly trying to improve it.2
5. I am supposed to wear contacts and glasses, but, here I am, squinting at the computer screen because I refure to wear them!

Well, there ya go. A little insight. :)

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Jonie said...

I loved learning new things about you, I had to laugh about the wooden popsicle stick. Everytime I eat one I will think of you.

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