Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ty's minute with a superstar

Tylar had her first dance competition last night. As it was getting ready to start the judges came out and took their places. My eyes went to one that recognized. Then it was Thayne from So You Think You Can Dance! I could not believe it! I looked at my mom and told her who that was. We got all excited and Braydon accidentlly kicked his water bottle and it started rolling down the auditorium. I walked up to see where it had gone and there it sat under neath his feet! Now I had to talk to him. I asked him to grab my water bottle and he did. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! He was super nice, though. So the competition continued, and Tylar advanced to the finals tonight! YEAH! She gets to perform again. We are all so excited. We'll see how she does, and post to later.
Anyway, after the competition Tylar went to Thayne and asked for his signature and a picture. It was so ecxiting, maybe more for me then her, but it was still cool! Way to go Ty, and good luck tonight! You are MY Dancing Queen! XOXO

Tylar with Thayne Jasperson from SYTYCD!


Chelsea said...

That is so funny! I grew up with Thayne and his brother, Jeremy. They were always in my dance class and we teased Thayne to no end! He was such a cutie then and he still is now.

Jonie said...

How fun, and congrats on how well she did. That girl has talent and personality.

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