Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its HOW much?

So about 12 days ago, my car flashed a message at my on my display that said "Servive B now due". I just let it go and at about 5 days past, it was still dinging at me reminding me every time I turned on the car that it was overdue. So I decided to call the Mercedes dealership and ask what the service B was. They told me it was an oil change plus they changed a few things like the air filter and such. I didn't think that was too big a deal and didn't make an appointment. So today, while running (actually driving) my errands it dinged at me again. So I dialed the Mercedes store again and asked when I could bring it in for service. They said anytime this week would sbe fine. I asked how much it was and she replied, "Service B is $489.95 before tax." WHAT!?! It is how much for an oil change. NO you did not read that wrong, and I did not type it wrong...that is what she said. I had better be getting a massage and pedicure for that price. I could not believe it. So , I guess the oil change will have to wait, I'll be saving my pennies for a LONG TIME! (Now taking donations...Andrea's Very Expensive Oil Change Fund!) :)


Jodi Jo said...

Well, hon, you are driving a Mercedes. AND you asked the dealership to do it. They are always WAY more expensive. That is really high. Can you take it somewhere else?

Heaths said...

Man that sucks! I hope you can take it somewhere else for cheaper. Good luck! :)

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