Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our competition this weekend!

Wr totally rocked this weekend! I am so proud of my girls. Here's a listing of the places we got this weekend:
Solos/Duets on Friday:
Madison Taylor - 1st Attendant
Tylar Olsen - Queen
Kylie Bale and Shalie Jenkins - Queen

Team competition on Saturday:
Show: 4th place
Tiny's A - Hot, Hot, Hot: 2nd place
Tiny's B - Under the Sea: 2nd place
Tiny's C - Girls just Wanna: 3rd place
Tiny's Combo - One dance: 1st place AND Overall Beginning High Point!
Mini's A - Pumpin up the Party: 3rd place
Mini's B - Route 66: 2nd place
Mini's Combo - Breaking Free: 2nd place
Express - Let's Dance: 1st place
Express - Ready, Set, Don't Go: 4th place
Juniors - Mercy: 3rd place
Juniors - We Belong: 3rd place
Seniors - Dance, Dance: 2nd place
Senios - Dancing Dirt into the Snow: 1st place
Junior Hip Hop - Lip Gloss: 2nd place
Senior Hip Hop - Like A Boy: 1st place

We also received the Sportsmanship award! WAHOO!!!
Now, onto next week...........


Jonie said...

It was totally AWESOME! I was so proud of the girls and you.

Aubri n Scott said...

Serioulsy HOW AMAZING that show was! I really think the first one was fixed! Our girls danced their booties off and it showed! WAY TO GO DIVA'S!

collyn23 said...

they did totally awesome cant wait till this weekend

toni jensen

Some tunes