Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last weekend I was invited by my Friend Jonie to attend the scrapbook expo in Sandy. I knew this was NOT an easy undertaking. I am soooo very behind in my scrapbooking! Like....a combined 15 years behind on my 2 kids. I decided to go anyway. The two days before I spent HOURS combing through photos that were not dated or sorted. WHAT A JOB! This has totally taught me that I need to be more organized. Time to turn on the old OCD for my pictures too I guess. Anyway, I packed a huge tote (and I am NOT kidding) and then two large bags and headed out Friday morning. My goal was to finish 15 pages between the two days. I started with Tylar's book, since the poor girl had only 3 pages done in her book, and they were terrible!! So, I redid them. I worked to get as many done as I could, and by the end of the night, my page could was at 16! I had already beat my goal. I was so very excited! I decided to cut back on my supplies to try and make the tote lighter, and since I was at the expo, if I needed something I could just go buy it! :) What's better than that?!? So we headed up there Saturday and I started to work. I got side tracked when I entered the dance contest and took 3rd. (My friends said the judges wanted me to win, but they did an audience vote...the boy took first...only becuase he's a boy, and then another girls took 2nd because she had like 30 people she was with.) But I digress. I went back to work, had a fun little visit from Tylar and my mom, hung out with them, and then went back to work!

After all is said and done...I got 31 pages done!!! I was amazed after I counted them all! Phew! I met some new friends, got to know friends better, and had a blast scrapbooking! I totally can't wait until this Spring for the next one!


Hopefam said...

Fun!! I want to come next time. I can't wait to see the pages :)

Heaths said...

Holy crap! you are a scrap booking machine girl!

Jonie said...

It was totally fun, thanks for coming.

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