Friday, September 4, 2009

I heart mascara! (For Karen!)

So this past Tuesday in the adult dance class, we got ont he discussion of make-up, mascara in particular. I heart mascara, and not any mascara...Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara. NOT the water proof, becuase truly it is super water proof, and you pretty much need a brillo pap and sos to take it off. Just the regular black mascara. So, for Karen, I am going to blog for a second about my fave make-up item.

If I had to pick only 1 make-up necessity for the rest of my life can you guess what it will be?...that's right, my friends, my mascara. My philosophy of mascara...too much is never enough! I put one coat on and let it dry, then I use my eye lash curler to curl my lashes. (I heat my eye lash curler with my hair dryer for just a few seconds, it really does make a difference, I think.) The I apply up to 3 more coats of my mascara, letting it dry between each application. I will carry it with me too, in case I need to reapply.

So, basically, I HEART MASCARA! <3
(For you Karen!)


Mark and Stacey Roylance said...

i have been looking for a new mascara! Im so excited to try this one out! I so agree that you can never have too much!

Hopefam said...

I love Mascara as well and I think it is funny as we both have similar techniques for applying it!! I put on one coat and dry it with my blowdryer so the air curls the lashes as well as dries the mascara, oh yeah I also repeat this several times! I might have to try your brand I am always looking for a better kind. It is funny Talia was just commenting on how many tubes of mascara I have in my drawer that I do not use :)

Moreau's said...

I heart Andrea! Thank you for posting about your favorite mascara! I will totally buy this when my current mascara runs out! I never thought of blow drying the eyelashes! What a great tip!

You are a ROCK STAR!!!!!

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