Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our second, but first full, dance competition!

It was our second dance competition yesterday. It was a BUSY day! I stayed in Clearfield the night before because Tylar had her solo. (I will post details about that next...) I knew I had to be there early, so that's why we decided to stay. Anyway, we started at 8 in the morning, and we were the first number! It is kinda intimidating being the first number, but they did great! It was my little Tiny's A. (Which, by the way, they ended up taking first!!) My Tiny's B were third. They did good also, taking third. Unfortunately, being the teacher, I don't get to take pics, and JD is videoing the dances so he can't take pics either. I hope mothers or fathers of the girls will take lots and give me copies. Anyway, all in all it was a good day. Some of our performances did not match our awards. This competition was with several BIG names in studios from SLC county. I am happy with the girls for holding their own though.
We are taking the next week off (and I NEED IT!) I am going to New Orleans with JD and then the next week we have pictures in class. Then we only have one week to get ready for our next comp, which is May 3rd in Spanish Fork. Then we have one the next weekend in Syracuse. I know the girls have such awesome potential, we just have to tap into it...
I also realized after this competition, that I need to hire more teachers. I really need to give a little more responsibility to others. I am really running myself ragged! I guess that part of me thinks that mothers will not be happy if I don't teach their daughters. I guess because they sign them up under me, I feel responsible to teach everything! I am really going to look for a great teacher this summer to help me out! I also want to start a boys' hip hop class. I think that would be sooo fun, and I have a lot of people ask about one. so I guess I'm looking for at least two teachers. One for the boys and another for a few other classes. I don't know... :(
Anyway, GREAT job ladies, I am really proud of you! I am really going to work them harder to get them ready to compete.
And you know, I really want to studio that can compete with these huge studios. I want to have try-out only competition teams that spend hours a week at the studio, but still keep the "recreational" classes for the beginners for those who want to just dance casually. I was talking to my mom on the way home, and she encouraged me to do it! I know I can, and I just have to work my way there!!! I need to start by getting out of my basement and into warehouse space. The first step in that...talking JD into it! I think he wants me to succeed, but he also sees how stressed out I get and doesn't want me to be anymore stressed than I am. But if my studio got that big (I should say "when"), then I will have LOTS more teachers, and I won't be NEARLY as stressed! I will NEVER, EVER, EVER stop teaching the adult class though! It is truly my favorite class. I love those ladies. And while I dance all day with all the classes I teach, there is nothing like being with those ladies and sharing my love for dance with them.
I also need to say a BIG thanks to Tina for being my right hand lady! Without her, I really couldn't do it! She is doing such a great job with those girls. I completely trust her! And appreciate her.
Anyway, that's pretty much that on that.


Jonie said...

I just wanted to say a big Thank you for all that you do to help our girls. Lexie had such a great time, and absolutely loved performing. We had a great time and I am so glad to hear that they did so well. Was it her class that got first? Also, if you hear of any mothers that bought the cd of their dances I would love to pay a part of it, for a copy. When I was looking into it, there were no mothers of tinys left to share the cost, and I did not have cash with me at the time. Let me know, thanks again!

Hopefam said...

Andrea you are awsome, thanks for all you do for tali and the other girls, you have a huge reponibility and you do great!! I highly doubt that anyone would be upset if you hired other teachers, it is part of growing your bussiness! If you want to have a strictly competition team go for it- you can keep up with those big studios- so go for it!!
Luv ya-Kristi

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