Tuesday, June 24, 2008

stupid computer

Ok, so my comouter broke. I am using my mom's right now, but I m mad. My husband doesn't think it is a big deak because he has his laptop, but my life is on my computer, and it won't even turn on!!! I have some really coll things to catch you up on, but it will have to wait until I either find someone to fix it, or just get a new one. I am so irritated!


Aubri & Scott said...

I love ya! It is all good!

Hopefam said...

Did you check to see if it was plugged in? :)

Hopefam said...

Just so you know the above comment was made by Brian the little smart ___ was thinking he was being funny - if you want him to look at it he will be more thatn happy to see if he can help- he is not an expert but is good with computers!!
Love ya!!

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