Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have been tagged!

This is my first tag ever, so I'm gonna give it a try...
I was tagged by Nateli Johnston. Here's the deal, there's no cheating! Take the picture exactly how it is right now! Don't clean it up, make it, or change it in any way. I, by the way, took the pic exactly how it is, NO cleaning or changing (man, I am really glad I made my bed this morning!!!)

1. Your fridge and how it looks right now
2. Kitchen sink (yes, there a few dishes in there)

3. Self portrait (gag)
4. Bed (yeah, its made!)
5. Toilet
6. Favorite pair of shoes (these are too too cute!)
7. What your kids are doing right now (He's sulking in his bedroom, he just got in trouble.)8. Place I'd like to go. I don't have any pics of Hawaii, cause I've never been there!!!

9. Closet (I took two pics, the first one is of both our stuff and shoes, the second is of just my part and yes my clothes are color coded!)

10. What are my kids doing now (Ty is playing outside n the monkey bars with the neighborhood kids)
I'm tagging three people...Kristi Hope, Becky Smith, and Jana Bailey



Nick and Jana said...

Okay never done the tag thing but what the hey (Bryan would say - mom hey is for horses.) I'll try! Can't wait to see you!! JUNE 27TH!!!! YEAHH!!!!

Hopefam said...

THANKS, I know that my house right now is clean but when I get home to take the pictures after the kids being home all day by themselves it will be a disaster!!

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