Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weeding is therapeutic

The past few days I have really working on my yard. Wednesday was the really big day. I spent about 80% of the day out weeding my flowerbeds. When you've got your nose stuck in an overgrowth of weeds, it really gives you time to think.
At first there were thoughts of anger. I was angry at the weeds for growing so large so quickly. How dare they invade my beautiful flowers like that. Then I was angry at myself for letting them get out of control. How dare I let then grow so large so quickly and not pick them when their roots are not firmly implanted. I let them invade and take over my flowers. After forgiving myself, promising to not let it get this out of hand again and moving on, then I realized that weeding your garden is kinda like life.
How quickly we over look the little mean things we say, do, or think. How quickly we judge, we pity, we get angry, we envy, we ridicule others without knowing the whole story. We don't pluck the tiny "weeds" (thoughts/actions/speech) until we realize they are so big that they are taking over our flowerbed (our minds/bodies/spirits). It is only when that nasty weed grows big that we consider it a problem. I am just as guilty as anyone. I am quick to pre-judge, quick to make hasty decisions, quick to look upon another and not know the whole story.
Many times have I driven by someone in an older car that is blowing exhaust and spuddering to get going and thought, "Oh brother, that car is so disgusting. It is polluting the air that I and my kids breathe. Why don't they just get a new car. Not even a NEW car, but a better used car would be better than that!" I look back and think maybe that person's child has cancer and has to use all their extra money just to keep their child alive.
That person on the freeway that just sped by you who was obviously on the phone. Isn't that irritating?!? Now think...what if that person just got a call that his wife was just in a terrible accident and is in critical condition at the hospital and he is rushing to get there before she passes.
How about that idiot in the parking lot of the hospital that just cut you off and then pulled into the handicapped parking stall, and doesn't even have a "circle-butt tag"! She jumps out of the driver seat and runs around to the passenger side of the car to pull the lifeless body of her child that choked on a piece of candy and she is trying to get her help.
No, not all circumstances are like that. Not every passing car on the freeway, or every old car is that situation, or every person that cuts you off has a dying person in the car, but who knows? Not me, so who am I to pre-judge.
Yes, while weeding Wednesday I thought of all this, all by myself! I also thought about the different weeds I encountered. I had those grass type weeds that weren't that hard to pull out. Then there were the prickly ones, the kind you probably need gloves on to pull out.
Then there is the morning glory!!! Oh man I HATE that stuff. Yes, hate is a strong word and I truly feel that way about it.
The grass is kinda like the little things we do...spreading gossip, lying to one another, the envy of others, you know the little stuff we do daily. (Yes, being envied can hurt too!)
The prickly ones are the ones that hurt others. We didn't mean to do that or say that, we thought it was innocent but it really hurt that other person. It was just a simple joke or comment. Why did they get so hurt or offended?
The morning glory are the ones that stick around forever! They are the words, the actions we just can't take back. The kind that take a long time and energy to get rid of, to be forgiven of - if that ever happens.
The next time I act, speak or even think, I am going to think of my flowerbed. Do I want my flowerbed to be over taken with weeds, whether big or small - prickly or permanent, or do I want to have my flowerbed to rich with blossoms that people want to plant one just like.
I think I'll pick the second!


Jake and Lindsay said...

Wow you really did have time to think!! You started me thinking, what a way to put things in perspective!

Jonie said...

I think we should all spend some time weeding and thinking about what you have said. We would all be better for it, I hope I can do better for reading your blog today. Thank you

Hopefam said...

I agree with you 100%, I am very thankful that I read that today, I think we could all use a little reminder every once in a while. I love the weeding analogy though I guess I never thought about it that way before- You are the best thanks for everything I really appreciate you and your friendship!

Aubri & Scott said...

Nice Post Andrea, I know that I have been on both ends of that stick! I am grateful for you as a friend! Oh and I wouldn't mind going to Jail with you! HOOORAY~!

Chelsea said...

WOW! That's deep thinking for weeding! You have a lot of really good points. I think that we all would do better to think more about others and not be so quick to judge. You have a great way of putting things into perspective. Miss you guys.

Natelli Johnston said...

I seriously love weeding, I think it is great therapy! great post.

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