Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh no she didn't just say that!?!

You that have kids know that sometimes they say some pretty crazy things. Tylar is NO exception. She has been into making faces at people, so naturally we tell her that her face will stay that way if she keeps doing it.
So, the 24th we were at Kohl's doing some shopping, and our cashier had really close-set eyes, and yes, they did look slightly cross-eyed. Tylar walks up to the counter, stops, looks at her, and her eyebrows raise and she just stares!!!
A minute later she looks at me and says, "Mom, she crossed her eyes and they stayed that way! I better not cross mine anymore."
I just wanted to die laughing and embarassed. I just walked out. We got out to the car and Braydon made a weird face (like the kind you make when something stinks) and Ty said, "Braydon, don't do that to your face...Didn't you see that lady in the store...she crossed her eyes one day and now they won't uncross."
I just couldn't take it anymore. I just burst out laughing.


Hopefam said...

That is one you will never forget!!My Mom still won't let me forget when I thought a bald guy at the store was Kojack- yes that tells you how old I am!! I would love to go to the midight release - I just hope that I can stay awake! I just need to check what day it is on so I will know if I need to prepare to be a zombie at work or not!!

Lindsay said...

How funny!!! She does say some pretty funny things. She always makes me laugh when she comes to class because she is just to funny.

Aubri & Scott said...

THAT IS AWESOME! I Think all mom's tell their kids that! Or if they pick their noses their fingers will get stuck! Love ya!

Nick and Jana said...

That is funny! Bryan is saying things like that now and I am always so embaressed! Okay so seriously I am just going to call you and schedule a time to play!

Jonie said...

I loved this story, I love Tylar. I told my kids the story so that it does not happen to them he he he

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