Thursday, July 10, 2008

The oral surgeon, almost stitches, and a first time sleepover!

Well, yesterday was a very eventful day! Let me start from the beginning...
Back a month ago i went for my every 6 month dentist appointment. After taking the xrays they found something wrong. I had a crack in my tooth about 1 1/2 years ago, so they put a crown on it. Then it kept bothering me, so about 6 months ago they did a root canal on it. It felt better for a little bit, but then the pain just kept getting worse. Well, my tooth had what's call resorbtion. It is where the tooth is eating itself from the inside out. NICE! It only happens in about 1% of the population, and of course its me. (If any of you know my dental history, you would not be surprised. Let's just say that there are only about 6 teeth in my mouth that haven't had to have any dental work done on them. I have terrible teeth!) Plus I had a cavity that needed to be fixed. (NO surprise! Just one?) They were concerned because the amount it had advanced in only 6 months since my last appointment. They said we had to do something about it right away. So I made the appt to come back in 2 weeks to have the cavity fixed and then two weeks after that I would have my other tooth fixed. (Just a side note, Tylar had 4 cavities. I really hope she doesn't end up having my teeth. We made her appts too.) So two weeks ago I went in with Tylar and we had our cavities fixed. No biggie. She did great, and I am just used to it. I actually didn't get my mouth numbed. I just had them do it. It was better to suffer the 20 min of pain than be numb for 6 hours. Anyway, so yesterday was my "other " appt. I was not looking forward to it, but glad to have it because by this point my tooth hurt so bad it felt like there was so much pressure that it was going to explode sometimes! OUCH! So I went in with Ty to have her other two fixed and they told me that they were gonig to try and pop the crown off, drill into the tooth, put a post in to drain the resorbtion, and then put the crown back on. Well, the crown did not want to come off so they had to break it into pieces to get it off. Then as they were drilling into the tooth, they could see the tooth had cracked all the way down through the root and my inner tooth was exposed and it was absorbing bacteria through the crack. So, basically at this point I had two options...I could either pull the tooth and do a bridge, or I could pull the tooth and do an implant. Nice choices, huh! Either way I was going to lose my tooth. I decided on an implant, but little did I know about the process. I was immediately sent to an oral surgeon who explained the 6 month process! Yes, 6 months of in and out of the surgeons to get this thing done! ARGH!!!! I decided not to be sedated, and just got numbed and used the gas, but the gas made me soooo sick, so they eventually had to turn it off. They had to break my tooth in to pieces and then pull it out piece by piece. Then they had to do a bone graft. In about 2 months I go in for an xray to make sure the graft has healed, if so then the next month I will go in the they will put a titaniunm screw in to my jaw where the tooth used to be. Then about 2 months after that I can have a crown put over the screw. (*SIGH*) So, as of now I have a hole in my mouth that is painful and annoying, but the up side...I get to eat all the ice cream and popcicles I want! YUM!
To make the day even better, I was trying to get some rest later yesterday evening, when Braydon comes inside crying holding his leg. I jump off the couch to see what's going. He said that he and his sister were playing baseball on the front lawn and he slid into second base and it hurt his leg. He showed me where, and he had ripped his shorts! I started to chew him out about sliding in his shorts when he pulled them down and there was a gash in his leg about 6 - 7 inches long! I took him out of the living room (I didn't want him to bleed on my new furniture or rug) and got him seated in the kitchen. I got a paper towel and put some hydrogen peroxide on it and told him to put pressure on it while I got some bandages. I thought it might need some stitches. I ran outside to ask JD if he saw what had happened. He said he didn't know anything had happened. I then told him that Braydon might need stitches. I ran back inside, thinking that he would stop visiting with some neighbors from around the corner and come in and help me. NO, he didn't. I was in there by myself trying to get him under control. It stopped bleeding, but I thought it still needed stitches. I callled my mom to have her come look at it (since she is nurse and all) and she came out. Tylar was stadning next to Braydon while he was crying, and she was sad for him so she started crying hysterically. So there I was, in pain myself, trying to ignore my pain, holding Tylar on one hip consoling her and cleaning Braydon's wound. Oh Brother! Finally, about 10 mintues later JD decided to join me, after I went out and kinda yelled at him. (I was soooo mad at him!) My mom made it there just a minute later and took a look at it. She said she didn't think it needed stitches, but we did need to clean it out since it still had grass and rocks in it. I couldn't get Ty to settle down, so I called the AWESOME Jonie and she sent Kevin over to get Ty so she could play at their house while we got his leg cleaned up. Kevin looked at it too, and didn't think it needed stitches. (I still think it did, but what do I know.) Kevin stayed and helped hold Braydon down while we washed his leg out in the kitchen sink. We got him all bandaged up, and then they wanted Ty to go have a sleep over. I was really hesitant. Its not that I didn't trust the Schaeffers, but it was her first sleepover other than with Grandma. I was nervous and scared, but Tylar wanted to go. So I let her. She came home the next morning and said she had a blast!
What a crazy day! We found what cut his leg, it was a broken stake from our Christmas decorations that we out in the lawn. It broke off over the winter and it was so far under ground that we didn't notice it until he slid right on it.
I am so thankful for awesome people. First, my husband for taking me all the places I needed to go yesterday, and putting up with me and my costly mouth! (Total, it is gong to cost around $3000, and my insurance is NOT going to cover it! - Why do even have insurance then?!?) My mom: one for coming and getting the kids from the oral surgeons so they didn't have to sit there the whole time; and two for coming out at the drop of a hat (or the skinning of a thigh) to check out my kids and make sure they are ok. Jonie and Kevin for their willingness to help yesterday, but mostly for their friendship.
I really hope I don't have too many more days like that! I will take pics of the stake, the wound, and my mouth, so check back soon!


Natelli Johnston said...

wow, that is one crazy day! so sorry about your tooth! that sounds like pain and I hate pain, hopefully they gave you something for that like lortab. I do have spirits following me around, spirits and large thumbs :)as seen next to us in some of our pics (hey we just got a digital) I am so excited, only 22 days til Breaking Dawn!

Jake and Lindsay said...

That is a crazy day!! Kate had her first sleep over last night also!! I am sorry that you and braydon were in pain! Let me know if you need anything else.

Aubri & Scott said...

I love you Andrea, Sometimes you just need to hear this right! Hope you are feeling better!

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