Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Butts...No Wammies!

I took the kids to breakfast with my mom at Village Inn yesterday. As many of you know, my little Tylar is quite spunky, for lack of a better word. So we were sitting at the table eating and she kept sliding down in her seat and kicking her brother under the table. After several times of asking her to stop, my mom finally said, "Ty, you're pressing you're luck!" With out hesitation, she sat upright in her seat, placed her hands over the table, started waving them around an imaginary button and shouted, "Big butts, no whammies. Big butts, no whammies...STOP!" She proceeded to slam her hands down on the table as if she were pushing the imaginary button. She threw her hands up in the air a moment later and said, "Oh! A whammy!" My mom, Braydon and myself were laughing so hard, we all had tears streaming down our cheeks. After getting a grip on ourselves, I had to explain to her that it was "Big Bucks", not "Big Butts!"

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