Monday, December 22, 2008

Some props to my little, well younger, Bro!

This past weekend we went down to Cedar City to see my brother, his wife and their new cute baby (see previous post). While we were down there I got to go on a short ride-along with my brother, who is a Cedar City Police Officer. A ride-along is where a civilian (every-day person) gets to tag along and see what officers do during their shift. It was really fun. We went on a domestic violence call, but nothing too exciting there. We pulled a few people over, but no drug arrests or anything. Then we found one guy who was drunk and pulled him over. He blew a .198! He was totally wasted. Anyway, here are a few pics of my brother in his police uniform.
Props to you little bro! Way to serve and protect! XOXOXO

My brother hugging my kids at his Police Academy Graduation.

My sister, brother, and me after his graduation.

Him and his fancy-schmacy police cruiser.

Isn't he just handsome?
I am so proud of him. Love ya baby brother!

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Jodi Jo said...

Did you know that I grew up in Cedar? I am lucky that he wasn't around back in the day so you wouldn't get to hear about all my exploits. (Just kidding) Bet good ol' Cedar was a blast. (Too bad sarcasm doen't translate to script very well.)

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