Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Andrea, think before you speak!

Sometimes, acutally many times, words just fly out of my mouth before my brain has had time to process what my mouth is about to say. Such an even happened at Wal-Mart on Monday. I was walking through picking up a few things when I ran into (not literally) a friend from the neighborhood. (Names will be omitted to protect the innocent)We engaged in conversation which led to the participation of my children in primary. Now, our participation has been nothing to brag about and I made this known. This dear friend then shared a little fact that a few positions in our ward had been changed. (This is where my mouth got a head of me...) I responded (actual statment will be revised slightly) oh I know...and I am not happy...that's one reason... Well, I will leave you to use your imagination and your knowledge of me to fill in the rest. (Now, try to be nice:) ) I could tell that she was really surprised and probably offended by what I had said. I meant no offense, and should not have said what I did. I am sorry, unnamed friend, if I offended you. I didn't mean to be so......outspoken.


Chelsea said...

Andrea, Andrea, Andrea.... The thing people have to figure out about you is that you always say random things, but it only lasts for that moment.

Aubri n Scott said...

Andrea, check it out, you are entitled to your opinion! That is the great thing about living int he GREAT COUNTRY we do!

Amy Jones said...

You're killing me. :) If we all thought before we spoke we'd be a lot more boring, don't you think? We all have our moments of blurting and being caught off guard. Because of offense needs to be taken. Right?


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