Friday, July 10, 2009

Tylar's first tooth

She was a ripe 6 1/2 years when it happened, and frankly I thought it would be much longer, but Tylar has finally lost her first tooth! She has been saying her teeth were loose for MONTHS now, but we would wiggle it with our fingers and it would hardly move. So we just kept telling her its not ready. Then on Thursday she kept complaining, so my mom told her to get the floss so she could prove to Ty that it wasn't loose. She put the floss around the tooth and gave it a little tug and the tooth came flying out of her mouth and right down my mom's shirt! I guess it was loose. I was sad because I wasn't there when she lost her first tooth. I was at Stadium of Fire practice that night. When I got the picture on my phone, it got teary-eyed. There are just milestones you want to be around for, and this was one of them. (Let's be honest here, as a mom you want to be around for ALL milestones!) I did get to play "tooth-fairy" that night though.
We had visited the dentist only a few weeks earlier and he said it would proabably be a while. Well, I guess she was right. It was ready to come out. So, we have been working a little on the tooth next to it, but it is being a bit more subborn. So, soon enough, she will have a mile-wide gap on her bottom gums. Can't wait for that one to happen. She is already complaining that it is hard to eat....girl, you've got a surprise after you lose that next one!


Aubri n Scott said...

She still has an awesome smile!

Jonie said...

Sooo cute, she told me all about losing her tooth, but i didn't put it all together that it was her first tooth. Yippppeee for her.

Amy Jones said...

We're still waiting for that first one over here. I'm fine waiting as long as possible...these kids are growing up way too fast.

Congrats on your first lost tooth, Tylar. Enjoy food while you can! :)

Hopefam said...

I love it!! I hope the Tooth Fairy came to visit!!

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