Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tooth update!

Tylar lost her SECOND TOOTH on Friday the 10th! Right next to the other one she lost. She now has a gaping hole inthe bottom of her mouth. Its kinda funny, it has given her a slight lisp and makes it harder to eat. She also makes this sucking noise when she sleeps. Its super cute! The tooth that she lost on July 2nd is already coming in! YIKES! We were at Jd's and my softball game and she had been bugging me that it was loose. I had been kinda working on it a little every day to wiggle it out, but it just wasn't coming. I had a little zip-loc baggie with me just in case...
So at the game, I got a piece of floss, which I also carry with me, and worked on it. Suddenly it bent forward and was barely hanging on. So I grabbed it with my fingers, after using hand sanitizer, which I also carry with me, and pulled it out! YEAH!
The tooth fairy came to visit again. If she doesn't stop losing teeth, the tooth fairy might go broke!

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Nick and Jana said...

I can't believe Tylar is that old! Man they grow so fast! We sure love to see you sometime?

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