Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

So I have officially taken my first "girls only" trip. My sister wanted to get away so we (my mom, sister and I) planned a trip to..where else do people like to get away...VEGAS!
So, on Saturday, July 11th, we hopped a flight and went to warmer weather. (115 degrees!) I am not one to complain about heat...I love being hot. It was almost unbearable for my mom and sister, I enjoyed it.

We stayed in the Trump Tower. It was so very beautiful! I will forever stay there when I go to Vegas. We had a little room issue when we got there, but they were very willing to help us and work it out. The room was actually more of an aparement than an hotel. It was exquisite! (There was a $100 per per room "insurance" fee per night in case of any "oops". Luckily we didn't get charged!) Below is the pool from our room. My sister and I only visited is once, for about 2 hours. We were too busy otherwise.

The first actual day we were there was did A LOT of walking. We walked from one end of the strip to almost the other end. It was Katrina's first time ever being, so we were there just for her. We did a little shopping, a lot of people watching, and more walking. That night we had tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil's "O" show at the Bellagio. I have been to see a few other Cirque shows, but this takes the cake! It was incredible. It was a water show. They had a huge stage of water and peole would dive into it, and suddenly liek 15 people would just appear out of no where in the water, and then a few moments later the water stage would just dissappear and a regualr stage was in its place. I deinitely recommend seeing this show!

Us three girls getting ready for the "O" show. Truly magical!

The fountains at the Bellagio after the "O" show. They are very beautiful. We stuck around to see two different shows.

The second full day we were there we did more "attration hopping". We visited the mall and shopped and then we went to Mandalay Bay to the aquarium; Treasure Island to the other aquarium; Mirage to the animal sanctuary. It is a fuper fun day. By this time, our feet hurt sooo very bad from all the walking that we started getting taxis if we were going very far. My mom had to go home tonight, too. So we were packing everything in we could before she had to go.
The three of us at Mandalay Bay. (Above)
The tigers at the Mirage. (Below)

After we wished her a safe trip back, we decided to go out and play some more. to the mall to do more shopping. :) We had also decided that since this was our last night that we wanted to see another show. We had gotten tickets to the Blue Man Group. So, we hurried to the Venetian to the show.

My sister Katrina and me at the Blue Man group show, waiting for it to start...The show was super funny!
After the show we caught a taxi back to our hotel to drop off our bags and get ready to go back out and "play" ona few blackjack switch tables. Our cab driver was super nice and we had a nice ride back. We had arrived back at our hotel and started to walk up to our room when Katrina realized she had lost her phone! She dumped out her purse to make sure it wasn't in the bottom and it was no where! So we walked to the taxi area to see if the taxi was still there and wasn't! So now what? I immediately called her phone and she informed me it was on vibrate! Are you serious?!? I just kept dialing hoping that someone might pick up. No luck. So we went to the concierge desk to ask what we should do. The nice bellman said that security may be able to pull the security video and get any info they could off the cab. The nice man at the desk called their security dept. and we talked them into it. While we waited, we were gived a list of all the cab companies in Las Vegas. We started at the top and called each one that had the colors of cab that we could remember we were in. Between calling cab companies, I texted her phone to call my phone if luck. I also called again, several times. After many calls to the cab companies with no responces, we thought her phone was a gonner. Security called back and said all they could get off the cab was that it was red and white with a "W" in the name of the cab company. So we went to the end of the list in the W names and was about ready to dial when my phone rang with an unlisted number. I answered it and it was the cab driver! He had her phone! There was a catch though...he was across town by now and there were two options: he could take it to the office when his shift was over in the morning and we could pick it up then; or he could delver it to us, for the cost of the fare of course! My sister decided to pay the fare and he delivered it to us! This is proof that even in a city like LV, there are still good people out there. :) After retrieving her phone, we went out to play around.

The next morning, we decided to hit the Stratosphere. We caught a cab, with my sister's phone securly in her purse, and headed out. She wanted to ride the rides on the Stratosphere. We first rode the Big Shot (pictured below.) They have two newer rides: X-scream and Insanity. X-scream is like a giant teeter-totter that shoots you out over the edge of the needle and then while you are dangling, it lowers you so you are looking almost straight down! It was quite the ride. Then we rode Insanity. After seeing what it did, I didn't want to ride. Not because I was scared, but becuase I get sick on spinning rides. breaved it because my sister really wanted to go. You sit in a seat and then a giant robotic are swings you out over the edge of the needle and then you start spinning! You get spinning so fast that your seat lays forward and you are looking directly down over the seat. YIKES! I felt my face turning green. I couldn't wait for this ride to be over, and was very glad we had saved it until last. We got off the ride and both felt a little queasy. So, after riding the elevator down, getting each a Sprite to settle our stomache's, we hailed a cab and headed to lunch. We went to the Rainforest Cafe and chowed down! We headed back to the hotel after finishing our shopping. We packed our goods and headed to the airport.

We got to the airport and had made it through security when my sister received a call on her phone letting us know our plane had been delayed! That would have been nice to know BEFORE we arrived at the airport. So we slowly made our way to our terminal. We sat there and made observations to each other to pass the time. (We are both people watchers.) We grabbed a bite to eat when they announced our plane was about 30 minutes from boarding. We were one of the first ones to board and we settled into our seats. It wasn't bad enough that our plane was delayed 45 minutes before, now we sat on the plane at the gate for another 60 MINUTES! It was really frustrating. I let me husband know that he didn't need to be on time and then it was time for take off. We landed more than 2 hours later that orginally scheduled, but made it home safe.
It was a fun trip and I am glad that I could go with my sister, and would like to thank my fabulous husband for funding this trip and taking care of the kids so I could go. When's the next trip?

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