Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Honest, a hard lesson!

Today JD and I went to the bank, I to make a deposit and he was cashing a few checks. Tylar decided that she had to go potty (and the bank we were at did not have a potty available), so I figured that I would take her over to Petsmart really quick, since I had to buy rabbit food anyway, and she could use the bathroom there. So after my transaction was done I quickly took her and walked her over there. We were in the bathroom when JD called, Ty answered and told him we were in the bathroom and that we would meet him out on the rabbit isle.
So we walked out after we finished washing our hands and JD had this look on his know one of those weird looks. He said, "Um, I think we have a little problem. When I cashed my checks, I had only about four or five hundred to cash, but look!..." He then fanned out around twenty one-hundred dollar bills in my face. I said, "Yeah, it looks like we will be going back to the bank!"
We then walked back over to the back and told them of their mistake. The teller had accidentally put an 8 in place of a 0, and that's how we ended up with $1,700 MORE than we should have!!!
Sometimes (when it pays big like this) is when I would not like to have values such as honest. Although we did feel better after we took it back. And besides, that poor teller could have lost her job over it, or she might have had it taken out of her pay!
So, I am posing this question....
If this would have happened to you, would you have returned the money, or gone and played with it?!? Now, be honest.


Aubri & Scott said...

You know, I am a STRONG Believer in KARMA! So I think if you wouldn't have taken the money back it would have come back to bite you in the Rear! Honesty is hard value to find in people and it is a thing to be proud of!

Jonie said...

One time I went to the bank and they ended up giving me my deposit and the deposit of the car in front of me, (who I actually knew, wierd anyway) I did let the bank know, I was just glad that I noticed and they didn't just deduct their mistake from my account or can they do that? Anyway I would take the money back.

Jodi Jo said...

I have had something very similar happen to me in the past, but more recently, when Damon and I went out to eat, I noticed that she hadn't charged us for the appetizer that we got. So, I had to wait a VERY long time until she showed up again to correct it. I think that the little things like that will make a big difference. I have had a teller give me almost 1,000 bucks too much. That one was really hard. Way to go for you guys. You probably saved her job. Did you say that the pictures are finished? When can we pick them up?

Jake and Lindsay said...

I had that happen to me but it was my money that someone had taken. I deposited some money in and then started to pay some bills, So I did not notice in the next week that some money was missing. Well they put my deposit into somebody elses account and when they noticed that there was more money in their account they told the bank and they found their mistake. I am sure when my bills had really gone through I would have noticed but I am glad that they called to fix the problem. So i would give it back only because I know how it feels to be on the the other end of that.

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