Sunday, May 4, 2008

Braydon's first motocross race

I don't know why I let him do it...maybe its because I don't want him to come to me in a few years and say "You never let me do anything I wanted to. Why didn't you let me race!?" Or maybe its because I really don't have a choice because JD wants to race. Or maybe because secretly, in a way, I think it is kinda cool. Whatever the reason, I let him race motocross. His first race was last Friday night. Unfortunatly I couldn't be there, I was with Tylar at dance. I really wanted to see him.
He came out unharmed! (And for those wondering...JD did too. No broken bones this time!) I was really worried all night. He called me after both moto's (which are basically heat races) and told me about how he was doing. He sounded so excited. Then, as I was on the phone with my mom giving her play-by-play updates of the Jazz game (GO JAZZ, btw) a person that we know, and actually one of my dancers' (Breedh Bringhurst from the Seniors) brothers had a terrible wreck. We found out that he broke his back! He was hauled off in an ambulance. ALL I could think about was "that could be my boy!" I got really nervous because Braydon had one more race to go. I was sick to my stomach for the whole thing, as I listened to the play-by-play on the phone from my mom. As he crossed the finish line for his last race (he came in 5th on his first race and last on his last race), he shook his head because he knew he came in last. I on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief that he crossed OK.
I know it is my responsibility to keep my children safe, but where does the line end? Do I let him continue racing, knowing of the terrible possibilities, or do I say NO MORE racing to keep him safe? I am really struggling with this.
I know he could get hit by a car walking across the street and be seriously hurt, but this is a dangerous sport! I am knowingly putting him in harm's way. Should I just get that thought out of my head and just let him race more for the fun than the competitive side?
Well, I guess really only time will tell. I did tell him that if he were to get seriously hurt riding, that we would not be able to play baseball this season. Maybe that helped him ride a little more conservatively, and then again maybe not.


Jake and Lindsay said...

Good job boys!! I am glad there is no broken bones. I would worry about that too.

Aubri & Scott said...

I feel the same way about colton racing. It is hard to watch them grow. But Scott tells me all the time they are in more danger in your car than on the track! So you just pray for him and know he will be ok. I struggle with this a lot but you don't want them to not "live" while you are trying to let them live? Does that make sense! You are a good mom Andrea!

Natelli Johnston said...

oh that is hard! maybe he will get it out of his system, I doubt that and since I have boys too, I am sure I will be faced with the same issue, you know though I actually think cheer leading is more dangerous than any sport. I am reading the HOst, stephenie meyer's new book, and so far it is really good!

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