Sunday, May 4, 2008

The third!

Three down...two more to go!!!
Well, our third competition happened this last weekend. Tylar did her solo and she won Queen!!! YEAH! She did so good. She even remembered the changes we made only a few days earlier. I was so proud of her. The trophy she won was as big as her! She also got a beautiful tiara. She was very excited and has talked about it all weekend.
Talia (Express) performed amongst controversy and received third place! She really did so well. She also remembered all the changes we made to her dance just a week before. Kylie (Seniors) received Queen in a very close race. She danced very well, and remembered her changes. We even made changes just a few minutes before she went on to dance! Way to go Kylie! Breedh and Kelsey (Seniors) did their duet. This is the first time ever dong it, and they did so well. You could tell they were nervous and really thinking about their dance, but danced great. We are going to keep working on it for next week.
The team competition happened Saturday. I am so proud of all my dancers. Here are the standings from the competitions:
* Tiny's A "Be Like Me" - 2nd place
* Tiny's B "Baby face" - 1st place!
* Tiny's C "Super..." - 3rd place
* Tiny's Combo "After it Rains" - 2nd place
* Mini's "Material Girl" - 3rd place
* Mini's "Twinkle, Twinkle" - 1st place!
* Express "Up, up, up" - 4th place
* Express "Candle on the Water" - 4th place
* Juniors "Bird and the Worm" - 4th place
* Juniors "My Antonia" - 2nd place
* Seniors "Professional Widow" - 3rd place
* Seniors "Pictures of You" - 3rd place
* Hip Hop "The Way I Are" - 1st palce!
There was a little bit on controversy with the hip hop. They inputed the numbers wrong under our name and gave another team our scores, so when they announced our team got 22nd place we were shocked! To say the least. I just didn't think that could be right, so as I was sitting in the Hpgi Yogi drive thru (for 25 minutes, none the less. 10 of that was at the window just waiting for an Oreo shake and a small Sprite!) I decided to take this time and start looking over our judging sheets. I looked over our points and realized they had wrongly inputed the scores. Once I finally got out of the drive thru and drove back to the school and showed the competition director the mistake. (Luckily she was still there by the way!) She was VERY apologetic and immediately gave me a 1st place sticker to put on our plaque. She told me to tell my girls she was sorry, and knows that cannot make up for it now being announced right at the competition. I knew the girls had done better than that. I am glad I looked!!!
Anywa, I am VERY pleased with everyone! We all tried our hardest and it showed. I can't wait for next week. It is going to be very busy and the mom's are dancing too! It is at Syracuse High School. I will definitely keep you posted.


Jodi Jo said...

Kayd's class got first!?! Yea!!! I thought they did so much better this time around!! I am very happy with that!

Hopefam said...

You are the best!! One more to go! Thanks for all that you do for the girls! We love you!

Kristi said...

I thought all the girls did great! Adi loves dance and is sad it is almost over, can't wait till next year! You do a fantastic job!!

Natelli Johnston said...

GOod JOb! wahoo! I am so excited to watch the review.

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